Larry Gagosian Plans To Open WeHo Gallery

WEST HOLLYWOOD—Considered by some to be the world’s most powerful art dealer, Larry Gagosian is reportedly looking to open a new gallery in West Hollywood in the near future.

Details on the gallery have not been disclosed, but Gagosian has been looking at several different spaces in the neighborhood.  A West Hollywood branch would bring the number of Gagosian galleries to 15. With five galleries in New York, two each in Paris and London, and several more throughout the world, the chain of galleries brings in $925 million annually.

Larry Gagosian Plans to Open WeHo Gallery
Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills ©

There is only one gallery from Gagosian in the Los Angeles region.  Located in Beverly Hills, it is currently showing “Works from the 1960s,” a collection of sculptures by the late English artist Anthony Caro.

According to social media outlets, the gallery’s mission has been “organizing important exhibitions of contemporary and modern art” since its founding in 1980.  The veteran dealer’s decision to open a new gallery in the Los Angeles area points to the city’s vibrant and growing arts scene.