WOODLAND HILLS—A panhandler in Woodland Hills is raising concerns by individuals in the area. Larry, a local beggar in the hills, has been panhandling in the Woodland Hills region carrying a sign that reads “Out of work. Out of Money. Please Help. Thank you.” In the corner sits and additional note: 80 years old.

Larry is a panhandler who is not homeless. ABC 7 News reported Larry and his wife own a condo and car in the region. He uses panhandling to assist the couple as their social security benefits fail to cover all their expenses, after he lost his job as a clerical worker several years ago.

There continues to be an ongoing debate about Larry’s legitimacy via residents on social media. One user wrote that other panhandlers sell “oranges, flowers, and even homemade pens just to get by, and this dirt bag is out taking advantage of our kindness.” Another user wrote “Look, guy is old, has had 2 heart attacks he does this to supplement his [social security].”

Larry admits to ABC 7 News that he turned down jobs in the past, but he is hopeful that he can find a better income than what panhandling in Woodland Hills gives him which is around $25-$50 per day.