GRIFFITH PARK—The traditional Los Angeles “Haunted Hayride” began selling tickets for this year’s Halloween event, Thirteenth Floor Entertainment announced on Tuesday, August 25. 

The event will temporarily move away from its usual location at Griffith Park. From September 5 until November 1, “Haunted Hayride” will take place at Bonelli Regional Park, in San Dimas next to Raging Waters.

“There was just no way to bring cars into the hayride location at Griffith Park,” said Jon Cooke, Creative Director of the event, in a press release. “We had to find the right spot, one where we could implement the new drive up experience and an outdoor environment that gives you the right fall feeling.”

The hayride will also take a different format due to health concerns over the coronavirus. 

In what is being called a “Live Drive-Up Experience,” guests will stay inside their vehicles whilst driving “down a creepy stretch of road featuring some sets and scenic environments, followed by a haunted show featuring an original multimedia story displayed on a 40 foot screen, as well as horrifying sets and live characters from Midnight Falls.”

Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group CEO, Chris Stafford said the producers of “Hayride” were determined to find a way to bring the event to Halloween fans given cancellations of other Halloween events in Southern California. 

“I’m so excited to show our fans what we’ve created for them, and that this reimagined hayride experience will be entertaining people this season,” said Stafford. 

Ticket prices range from $49.99 for a standard experience, to $199.99 for a “platinum” experience. 

Other major Halloween events in Los Angeles have been cancelled, such as Universal’s Halloween “Horror Nights” and Knott’s Berry Farm’s “Halloween Haunt.”