WEST HOLLYWOOD—Deputies from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department indicated that a traffic stop for a vehicle without headlights on Sunday, October 24, led to one arrest and the recovery of stolen items inside the vehicle.

At around 9 p.m. @WestHollywoodSheriffsStation Deputies conducted a traffic stop of a car, to warn/cite the driver for not having their headlights on. The driver who was the sole occupant of the vehicle was driving without a license and was on probation for robbery.

Deputies arrested him and inside the car they found over 40 credit cards and IDs belonging to multiple people, an abundance of opened mail with various banks checks, a Glock replica, 9 cell phones, numerous car keys and fobs for varying car models, several mail keys, a laptop and a substantial amount of marijuana (with baggies and a scale).

The suspect was booked for multiple warrants and new charges since he was not able to provide  information for ownership of the countless belongings, including the car he was driving. The name of the suspect has not yet been disclosed to the public.

Daniel Joseph posted on the LASD Facebook page “Great police work. 40 credit cards for multiple people sounds like a lot of identity theft along with the several car and mail keys. Being on probation for robbery you know he doesn’t have a good excuse cause someone on probation for robbery knows to not do anything that could even look wrong he’s guilty as can be.”