LAUREL CANYON—Laurel Canyon Boulevard in Studio City has fully reopened in both directions after construction was cleared on Thursday, April 6, after being closed due to a sinkhole that occurred on February 17, where two motorists had their cars fall into the sinkhole.

According to a statement from the Los Angeles City Department of Public Works, this is the first time both roadways have been open, as traffic was brought down to only one lane in both directions from Moorpark Street to Ventura Boulevard for crews to repair the road. Crews have been working for two months to repair sewer damage from a sinkhole that formed back in February after heavy rains in the region. The road is heavily traveled by commuters to and from the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles.

According to the Department of Public Works, repairs for the sinkhole include the installation of a new sewer bypass line and slip liner pipe, as well as a new maintenance hole. Concrete covers were also added to seal the pump wet well.

The sinkhole is still being filled and repaved on Woodbridge Street east of Laurel Canyon Boulevard, but traffic is not expected to be affected and should be completed by next week.