LOS ANGELES—Michael Y. Lavaee is a young attorney who is the new face of the successful legal field in America. No longer are the top attorneys the third generation lawyers in a family with old ideas about how to solve problems. Today’s successful attorneys are now the hot, up-and-coming professionals who realize the value of working with their clients, and let their clients make some of their own decisions while solving problems before they get out of hand and become long legal battles in court. “I could simply bill by the hour and ignore my clients, but I don’t choose to do that. I lay out in the initial consultation what my client’s options are and we decide together the best plan of action for them specifically. My clients are a part of their own solution,” said attorney Lavaee, who runs one of the city’s most successful law practices.

Lavaee Law Group is a full service law firm providing a wide variety of legal services to clients. The firm is able to advise clients on all types of matters, whether they be for individuals, investors, developers, lenders, homeowners or corporate clients. Attorney Lavaee, a man who began his academic career going toward medicine, left the university’s pre-med department in order to obtain his J.D. and then an MBA. If that was not enough, Lavaee also successfully passed not only the Bar for the State of California, but also received his Real Estate Brokers’ license. Degrees that take most students years to achieve, Lavaee was able to obtain his J.D. and MBA from Loyola University in three-and-a-half years.

With such a broad array of real estate and legal experience, Lavaee Law Group is able to provide a full service practice, unlike other traditional law firms. In addition to such a vast array of knowledge and abilities in Michael Lavaee, the firm is also accessible to small businesses on almost any budget, and his firm’s legal fees are very affordable. Depending on your case, Lavaee Law Group may even take your case on a contingency basis, to keep you from paying any attorney fees until your case is settled.

Lavaee Group has a growing personal injury caseload. Their specialty is on building relationships with clients; therefore, anyone in need of an attorney should contact this firm to make initial acquaintances with the staff and then discuss possible future needs for your company. It is truly what is called a boutique firm. There are so many services offered, and if dealt with early, future litigation issues can be solved. Personal service and problem solving is what the firm does best.

Michael Lavaee is not an ordinary attorney who handles cases. His experience and education gives him an edge over his competition. At Loyola University he was the only person to receive a full scholarship for his JD/MBA in the university’s long and distinguished history; it is one of the many distinctions the lawyer has achieved in his career.  He has extensive experience in business consulting, which his MBA has come in quite useful, especially in the planning and drafting of contracts, operating agreements, shareholder agreements and all other types of business issues. Lavaee has previously used his knowledge in the position as an associate in house counsel for Barneys Beanery and Q’s Billiards.

As a successful small business owner, the Lavaee Group is a firm that I would consider for current and future legal advice. Michael Lavaee is an attorney who has even advised our company over the years. Contact the attorneys at this firm by going to their website at Lavaeegroup.com or by calling their office at 310-867-2748.