WEST HOLLYWOOD—The lawsuit filed against singer Jennifer Lopez, 53, and her driver for injuring a pedestrian back in 2019 finally reached a settlement on Friday, February 17.

The attorney for Liyanage Roshan Perera, who is the plaintiff in the case, filed for settlement with the Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Serena Murillo, stating that the case has been resolved. Details about the resolution have not been disclosed. 

On October 18, 2018, Perera stated that he was standing outside Craig’s Restaurant located on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood. Lopez’s driver, Jeffrey Bellamy, who was transporting both the pop star and her former fiancé Alex Rodriguez in a Cadillac SUV, hit Perera causing a traumatic brain injury, according to the suit. Video footage of the accident shows Perera lying on the ground after being hit but it did not capture the moment of impact. 

Rodriguez along with Lopez’s production company, Nuyorican Productions Inc., were also listed as defendants in the lawsuit. Rodriguez was dropped as a defendant from this case the same year it was filed.  

Earlier this month, Bellamy’s attorneys sought a medical examination from the plaintiff since he was alleging he suffered a brain injury. 

“Where a plaintiff has placed his or her mental condition in controversy, the defendant is entitled to examine the plaintiff’s mental condition,” Bellamy’s attorneys stated.

A West Hollywood neuropsychologist Po-Hong Lu was to be permitted to conduct the testing on April 6. These tests would determine the areas of Perera’s brain that were allegedly impacted. The testing could also determine how depression, anxiety, life stress and other factors were allegedly impacting Perera’s cognitive functioning. 

Since the plaintiff’s lawyers disagreed with the examination, Bellamy’s attorneys felt it was necessary to file a motion. 

The case was originally scheduled to be heard on March 2 before Judge Serena Murillo.