MALIBU—The pair of lawsuits filed against the construction of the Legacy Park Project by the Santa Monica Baykeeper have been dropped after a court ruling on December 22. Construction of the park has continued since the suit dismissal.

The Legacy Park Project was designed to gather storm water and urban runoff, which can then be treated and recycled in an effort to help protect the Santa Monica Bay.

Construction on the $50 million project was halted when Santa Monica Baykeeper claimed that the project did not address one of Malibu’s most crucial water issues: the disposal and treatment of sewage created in the Civic Center area. Thus, the planned project fails to meet state water quality standards.

The judge dismissed both the Civic Center waste water treatment issues and the Baykeeper’s suit, which challenged Malibu’s approval of the environmental impact report for the area that the waste water treatment facilities will be located.

According to the Malibu Legacy Park Project Web site, “The City of Malibu envisioned a central park that functioned like an environmental cleaning machine to reduce pollution impacts and improve water quality in Malibu Creek, Malibu Lagoon, and the world-famous Surfrider Beach.”

The Web site also states that the construction of the Legacy Park site is pending, though the City plans on completing the project by October 2010.