UNITED STATES—Lawmakers have cost taxpayers $21 million in lawsuits filed against the Trump administration since 2017, when 63 million people elected Donald J. Trump to become the 45th President of the United States.

Politifact cited as of late September 2019, Attorney General Xavier Becerra filed or joined 60 lawsuits against the Trump administration with his office “also filing a friend of the court briefs in additional cases against the administration.”

A lawsuit was filed on Friday, November 22, where Becerra’s website touts he is “leading a coalition opposing an EPA proposal to gut standards for harmful super pollutant methane and ozone-causing emissions.”

According to The SF Chronicle, Governor Gavin Newsom indicated he would be filing suit against the Trump administration for allowing farmers of the states Central Valley greater access to water after finding the old system inadequate. According to reports, the number of lawsuits filed in California against the Trump administration surpassed the 48 lawsuits the state of Texas filed against the Obama administration.

Governor Newsom joined Becerra in his efforts and signed a bill that would require any candidate on a Presidential ballot in California to submit five years of tax returns. The law was revoked in a recent countersuit by the Trump administration.

Some of the issues AG Becerra and Governor Newsom sued the administration include the following:

DACA, immigration/Detention/Border Wall/Security/Deportation, emissions/clean air standards/waste management, Health Care/Obamacare/Affordable Care Act, to ban the question on citizenship regarding Census, The Denial of Title X funding for agencies who perform/refer for Abortion/Contraception/Abortions for LGBTQ, fracking/oil/offshore drilling, and gas development, Grant conditions for sanctuary cities, State of National Emergency, Migratory Birds, Medicaid workers, and most recently, EPA regulations/standards.


Canyon News reached out to the offices of Xavier Becerra and Governor Newsom, including Representatives Kevin McCarthy and Richard Nunes about the cost California has incurred in lawsuits against the POTUS, but have not received a response.