UNITED STATES—What is it about Americans being so lazy nowadays? It seems like no matter what you do, getting people to actively do their job is a task in itself. It seems everyone is driven by money to some degree, some a lot more than others, and are willing to go to extreme lengths in order to get it.

There is something important I learned about being in a position of management while growing up: it’s not as easy as it looks. Many have the perception that when they become the ‘boss’ or second in command that their workload significantly decreases. No, if anything your workload further increases. Your responsibilities reach gargantuan proportions; now is the time to showcase to your colleagues and those who know you best what you’re capable of doing.

Being in management forces people to question who they employ and if they should continue to employ those who do almost any and everything in their power to cut corners. I’ll be the first to admit it, I hate lazy people. There is no reason in this world to be lazy; get off your *** and do something, especially if you’re capable of doing it. Nothing baffles me more than when someone shows up to work and does absolutely nothing. Guess what, you were better off staying at home. Don’t bring that lackluster energy to the workplace, it’s dangerous.

What I’ve learned about lazy workers is they are after one thing and one thing only: money. They will do all in their power to half perform while doing tasks and to make things worse, they expect to be paid for their performance. People like that make me sick, especially when the rest of the staff is working their tails off for a common goal.

When you make a comment about their performance they want to huff and puff, slow down a bit. Where do you get off throwing a fit because I’m calling you out on your pathetic performance? I learned lazy people don’t like to be told that they are lazy, well if the shoe fits what else am I supposed to say. Stop being lazy and I won’t call you lazy.

Some people got to work day-in and day-out exceeding expectations of their colleagues and not ever asking for a raise or some sort of recognition. The alarming factoid is when those lazy workers inquire about being promoted or receive a higher wage: on what grounds are you requesting this. Oh, I’ve been with you for 10 years, and for close to 10 years you’ve done little to nothing. You’re lucky we haven’t already terminated you for your disaster of a work ethic.

That is the thing I don’t understand, what is the psychology behind someone choosing to just lounge around for 8 plus hours doing absolutely nothing? Were your parents lazy workers, were you never forced to work for anything in your life, is everything given to you on a silver platter? I mean is there anything as a society we can do to change the dynamic of the lazy vs. hard worker.

I mean envy always rises to the surface for those lazy co-workers who hate being compared to someone who excels on multiple fronts. The same can be said for those dedicated workers whose head blows steam realizing that their counterparts are still getting away with doing nothing, when you’re on the verge of passing out.

I have a message to Americans who think its okay to go to work and do little to nothing: just imagine if the rest of your co-workers behaved the way that you did. What would happen to the company that you work for if productivity plummeted to none at all? Well that company would go out of business, which means you would be out of a job. Remember that, people are pulling your weight, its time for you to step up and pull your own, or exit to the left.