HOLLYWOOD —This week’s leading ladies gold standard goes to three actresses who portrayed women either in control or fighting to gain control. Susan Flannery, who portrays Queen Stephanie on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful,” managed to not only enjoy upsetting the Logan sisters but found herself the object of her ex-husband’s desires. Ashley Jones as Bridget on “B&B” stood her ground, but it led to dire consequences. Bridget deserved better treatment from Nick and Agnes, but what she did to gain respect put her unborn child in jeopardy. Then Lesli Kay who portrays Molly on “As The World Turns” fought to save the man she loved and even got assistance from his ex-wife in doing so. These women all showcased their strong acting abilities as women ruled the daytime TV genre this week.


Susan Flannery as Stephanie

Susan Flannery who is a multi-Emmy winner is no doubt one of the most sensational performers on TV. However, Stephanie, her alter-ego has suffered greatly at the hands of both Donna and Brooke Logan, who edged her out of her very own company. Who would have thought that her granddaughter Steffy would be the one to hasten her return to Forrester Creations? Just as Steffy set that dream in motion, she may have also given her grandfather the push he needed to realize his failures as a husband and as a businessman. By mid-week Eric was asking his ex-wife Stephanie to return to Forrester Creations and to his life. Susan Flannery played both the loving ex and the winner in business with a sensitivity and grace that fans have missed seeing. We love it when Stephanie’s on top. No one gloats better than Mrs. Forrester and no one plays it better than Ms. Flannery, who is nothing like her television character.


Ashley Jones as Bridget

Ashley Jones as Bridget Forrester Marone is perhaps often the Forrester/Marone family doormat. Being kept in the dark recently that her husband was trying to find the rapist who assaulted their surrogate mother Agnes for months was a bit more than Bridget was able to take. When Nick invited Sandy to his and Bridget’s Hollywood Hills mansion in order to patch up the bad feelings his wife has with their surrogate, tragedy soon struck. Bridget was on the staircase landing demanding respect and telling Agnes how she distrusted her when without notice Agnes went tumbling down the staircase and landed at the bottom of the stairs to Bridget and Nick’s horror. Ashley Jones played the role of wife who has had enough and mother who may have lost yet another child like few other young stars could. Fans want to see a strong Bridget return and Bradley Bell did not let us down.


Lesli Kay as Molly

Lesli Kay who portrays Molly on “ATWT” has stolen the show. Since returning to the NYC based studio where she became a star, she’s proved that no one can play Molly like she can, and her competitor for Holden, Lily, had better keep her eyes on Molly. Molly’s proving to be a better woman for Holden than Lily ever could be. Kay who is one of the most superior thespians in Hollywood is playing the tough but loving role better than ever before. She proved that old adage incorrect, that you can never go back. She has and she’s triumphed.
“B&B” and “ATWT” both air on CBS weekdays.



All Photographs Courtesy: Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip TV Productions