HOLLYWOOD —This week’s leading ladies gold standard goes to three of the most beautiful and talented actresses on television. Each actress had a week of high drama and they all conveyed their emotions through their character’s eyes and souls with a basic kindness and through genuine heart-wrenching scenes written beautifully by writing teams that are Emmy-worthy to say the least. Jennifer Gareis (Donna Logan Forrester on “The Bold and the Beautiful”), Ashley Jones (Bridget Forrester Marone on “The Bold and the Beautiful”) and also Ms. Lesli Kay (Molly on “As The World Turns”) were three divas on fire with emotion this week. Each character faced a nemesis that meant to do them harm. However, each actress made their scenes utterly believable and played their roles with aplomb.

“B&B’s” Jennifer Gareis’s character Donna had to face off against Pamela Douglas and her sister Stephanie Forrester. Pam knows how to press Donna’s buttons and Donna’s emotions seem to just pour out and she becomes unstable at the thought of Pamela and Stephanie being involved yet again with Forrester Creations. Donna has been pushed out by Stephanie’s granddaughter and namesake Steffy, but she expected her husband Eric, who happens to be divorced from Stephanie to defend her when she and Pamela had a spat. The shock of the naïve Donna when Eric took his ex-wife’s side was palpable. Fans are hoping that Eric leaves Donna for Stephanie and surely this was the first step in that event occurring.

Ashley Jones who portrays Bridget on “B&B” had to play very emotionally intense scenes this week. Ashley’s one of the most wonderful actresses in television and she’s grown so much since her tenure on “B&B” and on HBO’s “True Blood” as Daphne, the shape shifter. Bridget faced Aggie who wanted to tell Bridget’s husband Nick about Bridget’s affair with Nick’s son-in-law Owen. The beautiful designer has managed to buy some time before the scandal comes out. Aggie backed off when Bridget instead of fighting with her, decided to play nice and to ask Aggie to drop it.

Jones’s Bridget is always in heartbreaking situations and this time it’s going to be explosive. Bradley P. Bell’s timing as a writer is impeccable and the storyline is planned out amazingly. Fans can hardly wait until Bridget’s secret is out and the emotional scenes Jones will have as an actress will be unforgettable.

Speaking of unforgettable, actress Lesli Kay is very unforgettable, plus she’s stunningly beautiful and amazingly talented. The Emmy-nominated star who portrays Molly on “ATWT” is missed by “B&B” viewers who know her as Felicia Forrester. However, this week Kay shined on “As The World Turns” as Lily blamed her for causing her daughter, Faith, to run away. Truth is, Molly had nothing to do with this. Lily obviously looks for any excuse to blame Molly for problems in her family, but fans love seeing Molly and Holden together. Lesli Kay is such an exceptionally strong actress that she plays Molly with such strength and dignity. Not only were Kay’s scenes excellent with the actress who plays Lily, but also her scenes with two-time Emmy winner Maura West, who plays Molly’s best friend Carly.

Kay’s emotional storyline is so amazing to watch. She’s absolutely one of the most beautiful women on this planet who seems to encompass every positive attribute stars such as Bette Davis and Vivien Leigh were able to showcase in their roles.

Fans find themselves rooting for Molly to win Holden and Lesli Kay fans are dying to see her cross over again on the other CBS soaps. Bradley Bell gave her such a brilliant and unforgettable storyline in the past that garnered her a much deserved Emmy nomination, and fans loved it when Felicia visited the Newmans in Genoa City and interacted with Nick. Until that time, we all hope that Lesli continues to play Molly in such an ingenious manner. Christopher Goutman knows his leading ladies and the characters they all play so well.

“ATWT” and “B&B” both air on CBS weekdays.