HOLLYWOOD—This week’s Leading Ladies Gold Standard goes to three actresses who made “The Bold and the Beautiful” this week’s most outstanding drama of all soaps. Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, who portrays Steffy Forrester on the soap, returned to L.A. after spending time in Paris these past few months. Her return created a ripple effect for all other characters, including Katherine Kelly Lang, who portrays Brooke Logan, and Adrienne Frantz, who portrays Amber Moore.

Simply put, the bitch is back! That’s right, after months of being at Forrester International, Steffy, played by brunette stunner Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, returned to L.A., which does not look the same as it did when she left last fall. Steffy found out that her grandmother Queen Stephanie had befriended her longtime nemesis Brooke Logan, and that Amber Moore had returned to L.A. and is up to her old tricks again. The beautiful young Forrester princess reminded her step-mother Brooke that she, not Brooke, owns 25 percent of the company and then proceeded to make up with stepsister Hope, who is devastated that Amber has stolen her boyfriend Liam. However, what fans are dying to know is, Which man in L.A. is Steffy going to set her sights on? Returning home with a new attitude, one that is more wicked and devious than before, viewers know the “B&B” party between writer Brad Bell and his muse (Steffy) is about to begin.

Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke was superb this week. Whenever Hope is in distress, Brooke is on the warpath. Brooke’s war with Amber was revived after Amber and her mother faked the paternity test that showed Liam is Amber’s baby’s daddy. Then Brooke took the high road and suggested Liam stay with Amber, only to be unnerved by the return of her evil stepdaughter Steffy. Brooke may have thought that Stephanie finally accepting her meant the end of war with the Forrester women. However, it’s only the beginning between Brooke and the matriarch’s conniving granddaughter Steffy.

After finagling the paternity test at University Hospital to make it look like Liam is indeed her baby’s father, Amber ran her devious mother Tawny out of the trailer park in Palmdale and back to Death Valley. Soon after being alone, she found Liam’s ruthless dad on her doorstep and she dared to stand up to one of the most powerful men in the world. If Amber was nervous after Bill left, it was only an inkling of how her week would end. By Friday, Amber looked down on a badly injured Liam, who was the victim of a horrific accident in Amber’s trailer. Will Amber chicken out now that Bill Spencer is out for her blood? Will she become the next target of Steffy or Brooke? Tune in on Monday when Bill demands that Amber be punished to the fullest extent of the law, and word of Liam’s accident reaches a devastated Hope.

My friend Michael Logan with TV Guide has an exclusive this week with “B&B” Emmy winner Bradley Bell. On Monday’s episode “B&B” will unveil its new opening sequence. It is elegant and one of a kind, as is everything Brad does is. Here’s the link to the new sequence, courtesy TV Guide and the one and only Michael Logan.http://www.tvguide.com/News/Sneak-Preview-Bold-1029584.aspx

Photographs of Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Katherine Kelly Lang and Adrienne Frantz are Courtesy: Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip TV Productions.