HOLLYWOOD—This week’s leading ladies gold standard goes to three actresses who defend womanhood, stand up for their loved ones and seem to be slaves to passion despite being intelligent women. They are strong, bold, beautiful, young and restless. Hunter Tylo, who portrays Dr. Taylor Hayes on “The Bold and the Beautiful”; Kim Matula, who portrays Hope Logan on “B&B”; and Sharon Case, who portrays Sharon Newman on “The Young and the Restless” are my choices this week. Each actress has mastered the art of continuing drama, and it’s a good thing because their show’s writers keep them constantly on the front burner and they know how to make us want to see more of their incredible performances.

Hunter Tylo’s known as one of the true beauties in Hollywood. However, her character Taylor didn’t have a beautiful week at all. Firstly, Taylor decided to give Brooke Logan credit for making her son’s second fashion show a real success. Only one thing was wrong with that picture: Taylor had yet to see the scandalous photo on the Internet of her son Thomas in the arms of her longtime nemesis Brooke. When Taylor saw the photo, she fell completely apart. Tylo managed the scenes of devastation with aplomb. The drama is only just beginning. Wait until Taylor finds out that it was her own husband who leaked the photo to the tabloid media.

That same photo was devastating to Hope as well. After all, Brooke is her mother, and just six months ago, Brooke had a one-night stand with Hope’s teenage boyfriend and it brought her heartbreak. Though Hope was able to forgive her mother again for causing yet another scandal, she was headed for heartbreak once again by the end of the week. Liam, who is being honored by his father Bill Spencer, is becoming more distant with Hope, who feels like she may be the odd woman out again. This time she won’t know what hit her. Hurricane Amber is planning to get Liam away from the young heroine and in her own scheming arms.

Here we go again! Sharon Newman makes the wrong choice when it comes to choosing a man. Last week Sharon chose Adam, the man who kidnapped her daughter at birth and told her for months that her daughter was in fact dead. However, writer Maria Arena Bell has decided that Sharon will be in love with Adam, and Sharon Newman’s portrayer Sharon Case is delivering the goods to viewers. Her ability to make us believe Sharon is truly in love is something the blonde stunner has mastered over the years. Her very solid performance was at its highest level this week, and don’t we all want to know what Sharon’s going to do next?

“Y&R” and “B&B” air weekdays on CBS.

Photographs are Courtesy: Hunter Tylo and Kim Matula by Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip TV Productions and Sharon Case by CBS/Sony Studios