HOLLYWOOD—This week’s leading ladies showed no signs of being stopped. Susan Flannery, who portrays Stephanie Forrester on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful,” is headed for yet another Emmy-nomination. The beautiful silver-haired actress is unstoppable and a force of nature as an actor. This week Stephanie battled cancer, but also defied her husband Eric’s wishes to stay in bed and rest. Maura West, who portrays Diane Jenkins of CBS’s number-one rated drama “The Young and the Restless,” blew away the competition and this new role is fitting her perfectly. Diane pushed all the right buttons this week and managed to gain control over her nemesis.

Miss Flannery is a Golden Globe-winner, Emmy award-winning actress and by far one of the most powerful leading ladies in television. The beautiful star showed viewers how determined Stephanie Forrester can be, when she was told by her doctors and husband Eric to stay in bed and rest after surgery for stage four lung cancer. Stephanie wants to help the homeless in Los Angeles, and feels that her mission is greater than any she’s ever faced. The powerful performances this week this lady conquered belongs in the history books. Just as exciting and unstoppable as Stephanie is, so is her performer.

Diane Jenkins has never been played by such an enormously talented actress. The two-time Emmy-winning performer Maura West stood her ground this week. First, Diane had Phyllis do an expose on her past indiscretions. Diane was not pleased by that, but not only upset with Phyllis, the job offer that Tucker McCall made her was rescinded. She was livid. Diane warned Tucker that if she did not give her the job, that she would tell Ashley that they slept together.

Diane also used Jack’s guilt over what Phyllis did to her and was able to pull on every one of his heart strings and emotions. Diane is the master of deception, while her portrayer is a master thespian.

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Photographs are Courtesy: Susan Flannery by Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip Television Productions and Maura West by John Paschal for JPI Studios© West Hollywood