HOLLYWOOD—This week’s Leading Ladies Gold Standard goes to three beautiful stars who epitomize classic beauty and are multi-talented. Hunter Tylo, who portrays Dr. Taylor Hayes on “The Bold and the Beautiful”; Jennifer Gareis, who portrays Donna Logan on “B&B”; and Lauralee Bell, soap’s biggest super star, who portrays Christine Williams on “The Young and the Restless,” each gave a magnificent performance this week that left viewers thinking they have no bounds as actresses. Tylo’s Taylor is about to have a mental breakdown, Gareis is playing Donna, who has finally reconnected with the love of her life, and Bell’s Christine proved she’s in charge of things in Genoa City’s justice system.

Tylo plays Taylor who is about to fall off the edge emotionally. Taylor is worried that Thomas, her son who has no real experience with women, will fall in love with Brooke, the sexiest woman in the world. She has reason to be worried as Thomas’s father, two uncles and grandfather fell in love with Brooke.

The problem is that Thomas has already been bitten by the bedbug Brooke, and Taylor’s so distraught over the possibility of her son being seduced by her nemesis that she can barely stand to be in a room with Brooke without scratching her eyes out. It’s so much fun to see this side of Taylor again, and “B&B” viewers are ready for the next cat fight between the two ladies.

Donna Logan is like her sister Brooke. She seems to be in love with the thought of love. This week, after 20 years of living her life without Justin Barber, Donna became melancholy and wanted to be with her first love again. The good news is Justin feels the same way, and unlike Brooke, she didn’t pick a married man this time. Justin and Donna’s budding relationship offers great chemistry for “B&B” viewers and the ability for one Logan girl to have a functional loving marriage. Donna had better keep her new husband away from her older sister Brooke.

Lauralee Bell’s return to “Y&R” is the biggest news in months in the daytime television genre; we knew that the return of Bell as Chris would be exciting to watch. What we have long waited to see, we saw this week. Christine walked into the Genoa City police department and fired Ronan for sleeping with former district attorney Heather Stevens. Then Chris demanded that her best friend Nina keep her mouth shut and not divulge to others that Chance was not dead and in the witness protection program. Nina’s never been one to listen to anyone, but Lauralee Bell knows how to listen to her instincts, which proves why she’s the biggest soap star in TV history. Her many qualities from beauty and grace are eclipsed by her strength as an actress. The beautiful lady is much more than just a great actress, she’s also one of the most prolific and talented writers, directors and producers in Hollywood.

“Y&R” and “B&B” air weekdays on CBS.

Photographs are Courtesy: Hunter Tylo and Jennifer Gareis by Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip TV Productions and Lauralee Bell by Lesley Bohm Photography