HOLLYWOOD —This week’s leading ladies gold standard goes to two women who have a lot in common. Both Ashley Jones, who portrays Bridget Forrester Marone on CBS’s mega hit series “The Bold and the Beautiful,” and Constance Towers, who portrays Helena Cassadine on ABC’s “General Hospital,” are gorgeous and extremely talented actresses. When you discuss their characters, however, that’s when the similarities end.

Both actresses have mastered their roles and make viewers cry either from laughter or sorrow. Bridget’s latest dilemma left her speechless, while Helena’s diabolical plan may cause permanent damage in Port Charles. Both ladies have men that tend to do the dirty work. Though in Bridget’s case, it was for a good reason. As for Helena, she’s plotting to cover up something yet again.

While Helena is forever plotting the demise of citizens of Port Charles that get in her way. This week took an unbelievable turn when the latest hunk, Thor played by Branton Box decided to get rid of the person at the General Hospital lab that knew the paternity of the new Cassadine heir. Towers, who is one of the most amazing mothers and grandmothers in the world plays one of the most demonic ladies in soapdom. Helena was chatting with her great-grandson and trying to tell the minor how the Cassadines get rid of their dynasty’s enemies. Lets just say Helena and King Henry, VIII of England had a lot in common. When Nikolas heard his grandmother teaching his son such rubbish, he quickly got the boy out of the room and also took away the antique box which had a dagger in it, which Helena had given the child as a gift.

Towers plays Helena with such intensity and brass that viewers find themselves rooting for the bad lady, as they did 25 years ago for Joan Collins’s Alexis Colby on “Dynasty.” One thing Helena has that no other evil matriarch on a soap embodies. She has a smile that lights up a room. However, the room is only lit up long enough for the murderous billionaire to off her nemeses. Writer Bob Guza knows how to write for Helena Cassadine like no other scribe in the business.

When it comes to turmoil and high drama. Fans know that “B&B” is the show to watch. The Emmy winning writer, producer Bradley P. Bell has made “The Bold and the Beautiful” the most successful daytime drama in television history. Who knew that Brad had in mind to make Bridget the slut she’s always wanted not to become? Did she ever have a chance with a mother like Brooke Logan? Bridget was so devastated a few months ago when her baby that surrogate Aggie was carrying died before she was born. That one dramatic accident sent a grief stricken Bridget into the arms of a man. Not her husband Nick, but his father-in-law Owen. That’s right, after years of being defended as a paragon of decency by her mother-in-law Jackie, Bridget decided in a moment of despair to sleep with her mother-in-law’s handsome husband.

On Friday’s shocking episode, Brad Bell through his heroine Bridget let the cat out the bag at the wrong time. Bridget was at University Hospital in Westwood having a prenatal DNA test to find out if the baby she is carrying is actually her husband’s or his father-in-law’s. As Jackie showed up and was in the room offering her daughter-in-law moral support, assuming she was there for a general checkup, in came the gynecologist announcing, “the DNA test results on your baby are almost done!” Ouch! Bridget was not only caught, but absolutely devastated. The look on Ashley Jones’s face said it all. However, Bridget’s bigger problem was she was not alone at the time the announcement was made.  Her mother-in-law Jackie was standing beside her. By the end of the episode Bridget admitted that it was Jackie’s husband Owen who she slept with. This young actress has become such a solid performer on “B&B,” and she recently told Canyon News, “’B&B’ is my main focus. I’m excited to do other projects but only if it allows the time for me to do this show. It’s my priority.” Good thing, viewers are dying to see where this storyline is going. Be sure to watch on Monday, because Bridget is put between a rock and a hard place. That’s the best place for Ashley Jones to be when it’s being written by the amazingly talented writer Bell.

Photographs Courtesy: Constance Towers and Branton Box by Patrick Wymore/ABC and Ashley Jones and Brandon Beemer by JPI Studios© West Hollywood and Bell Phillip TV Productions