HOLLYWOOD—This week’s leading ladies gold standard goes to two beautiful and very talented ingénues, who make daytime television very exciting. Tracey Bregman, who portrays Lauren Fenmore Baldwin on “The Young and the Restless,” and Adrienne Frantz, who portrays Amber Moore on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” made this past week exciting on our continuing dramas. Both actresses pushed by mediocrity and went into greatness in roles that required very over the top, heavy dramatic acting. Lauren saw a face of evil, and Amber saw the specter of Sally Spectra, who guided her to do the unthinkable.

Tracey Bregman deserves an Emmy nomination for her work this year. The actress is not only beautiful beyond words, she is also unequalled in her range of dramatic acting right now. Just when fans thought it was safe for Lauren to return to Genoa City, we witnessed a Halloween horror. The return of Daisy sent Lauren into hysterics. Sheila Carter’s evil spawn ran away from Genoa City, only to return pregnant. When Lauren saw Daisy’s face at Victoria and Billy’s Halloween party, her screams were heard around the city.

Tracey is an amazing talent, and she has made Lauren exciting and fun to watch. Lauren may have been victimized by terrors in the past, from Sheila Carter and an obsessed fan to Sheila’s sister Sarah, who Lauren shot and killed last spring, but now it seems her terror has taken on new life. Maria Bell and her team of writers are writing “Y&R” so well right now that viewers seem even more addicted to our guilty pleasure than ever.

Across the studio Brad Bell is also having fun. Although we are enjoying a excellently written storyline that is bringing awareness to homelessness in L.A. and across America, which I plan to write about next week. We’re also seeing a side of Amber Moore, that we have long missed. The sexpot went from trying to seduce Nick Marone with her feminine wilds, to trying to seduce him with Forrester Creations’ designs. The Hope For The Future line at Forrester was stolen by Amber, who seduced a drunken Oliver, then she pawned the designs off as her own to her boss Nick. Look for this to land the blonde troublemaker into hot water next week.

“Y&R” and “B&” air weekdays on CBS

Photographs Courtesy: Tracey Bregman and Adrienne Frantz by CBS Studios