HOLLYWOOD—Joshua Morrow, who portrays Nick Newman on the CBS series “The Young and the Restless,” performed at a very high level of professionalism last week. During the week’s major storyline which pit Nick squarely against his demonic brother Adam, Morrow never overplayed his scenes. He allowed others who were in his scenes to lead, which proves Morrow knows the old adage, less is more. As Nick continued his frustration with ex-wife Sharon, fans know that Morrow is about to embark on another exciting love triangle storyline. The handsome star knows how to make the audience empathize with his character Nick, and he also knows just how to make his female viewers swoon.

Early in the week, Nick begged Sharon to not be taken in and fooled by Adam’s apparent regret for what he’d done to Sharon and Nick’s child Faith. Adam faces charges of kidnapping the infant and passing her off as Ashley’s daughter. Also, Victor begged Nicolas to not let Adam get under his skin, but he just can’t stand the guy and it shows on Morrow’s face whenever he’s in a scene with the actor who plays his creepy brother, Adam.

Joshua is such a professional, he never gives less than 100 percent in his acting on a daily basis. Morrow’s work with both Sharon Case and Michelle Stafford is legendary. What other hunk could play a guy whose been in love with two women for several years and still win over viewers by never coming off as a user or cad? Maybe it’s because the actor himself is such a wonderful, extraordinary and great guy? Maybe it’s because he’s one of the most talented actors in the industry? Whatever it is, “Y&R” is doing great to keep this handsome star, who plays scion Nick Newman on the front burner storyline.

The writing this week by head writer Maria Arena Bell was superb. Joshua Morrow’s performance leaves nothing to chance. He continues on such a high level of acting, to almost perfection. Perhaps Nick and Sharon will be put back together? This would be one happy fan if that happens.

Joshua Morrow airs on “Y&R” weekdays on CBS.

Photograph Courtesy: Charles William Bush Photography