HOLLYWOOD —The two men we chose for Leading Men Gold Standard this week are two of the most incredible actors in the history of television. Don Diamont portrays Bill Spencer on “The Bold and the Beautiful” and was left in a bad position this week when a female employee threatened to go to his wife with the news that they are having an affair. Grayson McCouch, who is incredible as Dusty Donovan on “As The World Turns,” is a man on a mission. He is a protector of women and children and god help anyone who gets in his way. McCouch did such outstanding work on the show last year that it would be unthinkable to leave him off the Emmy nomination list.


Grayson McCouch as Dusty

Bill Spencer is a man who is used to getting what he wants. What he wants is his marriage to work out and he also wants to control Forrester Creations which he now owns. The problem is, the two things are getting in his way of happiness. His marriage is on the rocks because of his fling with younger employee Steffy Forrester and his company is constantly being undermined by the Forrester family. This week Bill had a short make out session with young Steffy, who used the incident to put pressure on Spencer to give Forrester Creations back to the family he stole it from. Bill, however, tried to play hardball and for once was put in a bad position that no billionaire mogul chooses to be in. He was told to give back the company or lose his marriage.


Don Diamont as Bill

Watching Diamont play Bill is exciting and the new role gives the handsome actor great energy to play many emotions. However, even if Bill is forced to do the unthinkable, no one believes he’s going to continue to be blackmailed. This is a man who has taken a family conglomerate and expanded it. He’s too shrewd and too determined to be made a fool of. What will Bradley Bell do next with the character? You and I probably won’t believe it, but I’ll be watching.

Then Christopher Goutman, the recent winner of the Daytime Director’s Award for his work on “As The World Turns” is getting our favorite actor Grayson McCouch and our favorite Oakdale hunk Dusty back on the front burner. He’s been missed and for good reason. McCouch adds such a raw and intriguing dynamic to the soap that has been going for over a half-century. Grayson’s amazing presence is noticed by fans and critics. However this week we watched as he sat on the sidelines just long enough to decide his next move.
When Dusty is down, he’s certainly not out. Dusty chose to protect and help his new love Janet by calling in her father. Janet’s strained relationship with her parents began when Janet became pregnant as a teenager with daughter Liberty and her parents threw her out for the transgression. Now that Carly’s figured out that Janet and Dusty are lovers however, where will the story go? Wherever it goes, fans are hoping to see Dusty and Grayson on the show a lot more. The smoldering style of the actor is really fascinating to watch. Grayson McCouch like his alter-ego Dusty is like a match that is burning. You need to put it out but the flame is mesmerizing to watch. This man is simply considered no less than the greats of Hollywood, such as Bogart, Gable and Fonda.

“ATWT” and “B&B” air weekdays on CBS.

Photographs Courtesy:  Don Diamont, Bell Phillip Television Productions and Grayson McCouch TeleNext Productions