Leading Men, Helpful Hands

HOLLYWOOD —This week’s leading men gold standard goes to Grayson McCouch, who portrays Dusty Donovan on CBS’s “As The World Turns,” and Rick Hearst who portrays Whipple Jones on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Both men are superb actors who are acclaimed for dependability and the ability to reach outside of their comfort zone in order to show a level of acting flexibility that hasn’t been seen in Hollywood since the golden era. Whip Jones found out that his beloved childhood friend and cousin, Sandy, was brutally raped and Dusty couldn’t let the woman he’s involved with be worried about her missing child. Ever the dark knight, Dusty transformed himself into his leading lady’s savior.


Whip was stunned when he found out that cousin Sandy had been raped a few years ago and that she had kept it from him. The pair were very close in their childhood and Whip really felt helpless and devastated for Sandy’s revelation of pain and suffering. It made all the sense in the world to him why she changed her name from Agnes Jones to Sandy Sommers while trying to create a new identity, and the empathy Whip felt was obvious on the face of his portrayer, the handsome Rick Hearst.

Fans see Whip as a cocky ace Public Relations executive who runs the marketing and PR department at Jackie M Fashions. However, they were treated to a side of the guy that many of us longtime viewers remembered. Whip had saved Brooke Logan years earlier when she was pregnant with daughter Hope by her son-in-law Deacon Sharpe. What Whip does when he sees women that he cares about in need is admirable. Though he was also confused about why cousin Sandy would confide in his employer Nick Marone before she’d tell him. Whip Jones knows that there is more to the sordid story than his cousin is telling, Rick Hearst is simply amazing as an actor and fans trust me, get ready for a lot more. Whip’s just scratched the surface of the story, while Bradley Bell has some shockers coming for Whip and the viewers. Brad is the Daytime Emmy-winning producer for 2009. He’s taken “B&B” to the heights no other producer dared even dream.


Grayson McCouch is one of my all-time favorite thespians who inhabits television’s fictitious town of Oakdale, Ill. The “As The World Turns” star has a new leading lady in Julie Pinson’s Janet Snyder. McCouch as Dusty may to many fans belong with his childhood sweetheart Lily Walsh Snyder, but fans are anxious to see where Dusty and Janet will go from here. Dusty and Janet shared a very intimate relationship a few weeks ago. Fans knew that show honcho Chris Goutman was never going to let the most handsome and talented man on his show have a one-night stand. He knows like we do that McCouch has amazing chemistry with all the ladies on “ATWT,” and this week when Dusty decided to send his helicopter to find Janet’s daughter and her step-son Parker, sparks would fly and the storyline would heat up.

Janet like any other woman in Oakdale and on the planet can’t stay away from the smoldering hot mogul Dusty. Grayson McCouch is unimaginably skilled as an actor who is capable of thrilling viewers and fans with his inspiring performance on a daily basis. We haven’t seen much of him lately, but hopefully with the crackling and electric chemistry he shares with this new beautiful leading lady in Julie Pinson, we’ll be seeing much more of Dusty, the man who offers his helping hand to yet another lady in town.

“B&B” and “ATWT” air weekdays on CBS.
Photographs Courtesy: Rick Hearst, Bell Phillip TV Productions and Grayson McCouch, JPI Studios and TeleNext Productions.