HOLLYWOOD—This week’s leading men gold standard goes to Kyle Lowder, who portrays Rick Forrester on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful,” and to Joshua Morrow, who portrays Nick Newman on CBS’s “The Young and the Restless.” Both men did a magnificent job this week on these two shows, which are written by two of the best head writers in the industry. Bradley P. Bell helms “B&B” and Maria Bell is in charge of “Y&R.” Kyle and Joshua are both favorites of mine, they are always exceptional as actors and they did a wonderful job this week at taking the chance of a lifetime. Rick toyed with Jackie Marone and landed himself in hot water, while Nick fought for the woman he loves, his ex-wife Sharon.

Kyle Lowder as Rick Forrester wants to become the husband of a cougar. Yes, husband! This week Rick made his move on Jackie, telling her that she should leave her current young husband and let him raise his baby with Bridget. Jackie was taken aback, but also intrigued by Rick’s latest offer to marry her. Kyle Lowder makes his role one of the most exciting men of daytime TV. The handsome star proves he’s a lot more than just a pretty face. He offers a refreshing performance every single time he’s on the show. Kyle is like sunshine, once you have seen it, you never want to be out of it.

Joshua Morrow as Nick Newman decided that he would make his relationship with Sharon more solid. He confronted his half-brother Adam, who is also an ex-husband of Sharon’s. Morrow is such a family man, with a beautiful wife and three handsome boys, that it was great seeing him at the Harvest festival this week with Sharon and their adorable 1-year-old daughter Faith. Fans have faith in Joshua Morrow always giving a gold standard performance, and this week he did it again.

“Y&R” and “B&B” air weekdays on CBS.

Photographs are Courtesy: Kyle Lowder by Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip Television Productions