HOLLYWOOD —This week’s leading men gold standard goes to actors Patrick Duffy and Don Diamont for their amazing performances on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Patrick portrays Stephen Logan and Don portrays Bill Spencer. Both actors are seasoned performers which add a level of professionalism and credibility to the daytime television genre. Diamont’s Bill was playing Svengali to his sister in law Donna, while dad Stephen Logan connived to shatter Stephanie’s life by using her sister Pam, and he hopefully plans to shatter Pam’s life as well. Both men played their roles very understated but in different ways, very powerful. Diamont is playing the white knight, while Bill truly has his own agenda in mind, and Duffy’s Stephen is on the edge of sanity and it’s chilling.

As the week started off, a very emotionally unstable Stephen Logan was still so grief-stricken over the loss of his wife Beth that he almost was hit by a vehicle in the parking lot of Forrester Creations. His daughters Brooke, Donna and Katie and his son-in-law Bill were all alarmed at the man they are watching fall apart. Stephen’s descent into madness continued when he had a confrontation with Queen Stephanie and accused her again of intentionally causing his wife Beth to drown in the Forrester swimming pool. Bill noticed that Stephanie’s very loyal sister Pam was very upset and by the following episode, he was using her emotions against her.

Stephen has decided to use Pam’s innocence and mental illness against her and Stephanie. He learned from Pam as well as his daughter Brooke that Pam is bipolar and must stay on her medication in order to remain somewhat rational. Stephen began his brainwashing game by telling Pam that Stephanie is only using her and has for a very long time. Pam was initially defiant, defending big sister Stephanie but eventually let her guard down and that was what Stephen wanted. His diabolical plan has not been revealed yet, but Bradley Bell is weaving a suspenseful story like a master.

Stephen was not the only Svengali this week on “B&B.” Bill Spencer played brilliantly by Don Diamont, who conquers the role on a daily basis, was spinning his web and using sister-in-law Donna, who is married to Eric Forrester to get half of Eric’s shares of Forrester Creations in the divorce agreement. Eric is defiant and refuses to give up any portion of his shares, but he should never underestimate his billionaire nemesis Bill Spencer, who has his sights on Forrester Creations and crushing Eric Forrester.

Bill has a long hatred of Eric, since he learned from his late father that Eric doesn’t deserve Stephanie or the success she’s given him over the years. Now that his mother-in-law is dead at the hands of Stephanie, Eric’s ex-wife, Bill feels his revenge is justified and watching Diamont as Bill, when he was telling Donna to get revenge not just for herself, but for her late mother and the entire Logan clan was fascinating to watch. Don Diamont, who is one of the nicest men on the planet plays devious and diabolical like no other.

“B&B” has a lot going for it right now and summer is just beginning to heat up. The show airs weekdays on CBS daytime.