HOLLYWOOD —This week’s leading men gold standard goes to two actors on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” whose characters focused on renewing relationships. For John McCook, who portrays Eric Forrester, he spent the week beaming while celebrating the return of Forrester Creations to his own family’s hands and Jack Wagner as Nick Marone tried to not only prove to his wife Bridget that he was sorry for lying and keeping secrets from her, but he tried to bring his wife and their surrogate Agnes back together as friends. One of these men had a great response to his joyful efforts, while the other had utter devastation occur at the hands of the woman he loves.


John McCook as Eric

John McCook’s Eric has been sulking and whining and licking his wounds for months while he pined away for the return of his company. Eric and Ridge were the last to believe their hopes and dreams would come true, but thanks to Steffy, Ridge’s daughter and Eric’s granddaughter, their biggest hope became a reality. When Eric embraced the truth of getting his life’s work back, he could not do so without wanting the woman who helped build the company and his family back in his life. He asked Stephanie, his ex-wife to please return to Forrester Creations and that shocked her and the viewers. What Eric misses most is Stephanie taking care of him and their company and if he has anything to do with it, it’s going to happen again.


Jack Wagner as Nick

While Nick Marone played by Jack Wagner invited surrogate mother Agnes, who is carrying his and his wife Bridget’s child over to dinner in hopes Bridget would be able to smooth out her differences and distrust of the woman. Nick should have known from his past relationships with Brooke and Katie that nothing ever goes smoothly in his haunted Hollywood Hills mansion. His decision will have far-reaching and long term consequences for everyone in his life and his marriage as well. Bridget lambasted and confronted Agnes at the top of the stairs and it was a domino effect of disaster.

As Nick looked on in horror as Agnes laid on the floor of his mansion possibly losing the baby he and Bridget wanted so badly to have, he was mortified by what he’d witnessed. Jack Wagner’s amazing acting abilities never cease to surprise the show’s viewers or his producer and head writer who constantly gives him such rich and dramatic storylines. Fans are dying to know where this will all go and knowing Brad Bell, it’s going into some exciting places storyline wise.

John McCook and Jack Wagner are ideal for their roles on the show and Jack Wagner’s stand-out performance on Friday as well as last year really begs one to wonder, when is he going to get that ever illusive but well-deserved daytime Emmy?

“B&B” airs weekdays on CBS.
Photographs Courtesy: Jack Wagner and John McCook by Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip TV Productions