HOLLYWOOD—This week’s leading man gold standard goes to “The Bold and the Beautiful” actor Patrick Duffy, who portrays Stephen Logan for his amazing performance as the conniving controller who is pushing Pamela Douglas over the edge of sanity. Duffy’s such a spectacular actor, who is doing a wonderful job with great writing by his show’s head writer Bradley P. Bell. This week Stephen began to lose control of Pamela and his menacing demeanor became increasingly frightening. So much so, that his daughter Katie and her husband Bill Spencer decided to side with Logan nemesis Stephanie Forrester.

Stephen’s bought a stolen gun from Mike Guthrie, played by Ken Hanes, in an effort to convince Pamela to shoot and kill her big sister Stephanie. When Pamela was taken out of her home by Stephanie up to Big Bear, Stephen became enraged and deranged. His goal to put an end to Stephanie’s interference with his family is inescapable. He’s much more than a man on a mission. He’s a maniac with a grudge. Having Stephen finally get a backbone and stand up to Stephanie was a brilliant idea. However, leave it to super talented Brad Bell to push the envelope and make Stephen as dangerous as his son Storm was. Storm shot Stephanie a few years ago, then ultimately shot and killed himself.

Fans don’t know where Brad is going with this wonderful and exciting storyline, but they are very happy with the work Mr. Duffy is doing as an actor. The man has single handedly made us forget about Bobby Ewing on CBS’s “Dallas,” which he played for two decades during the 80s and 90s. Who knew Patrick had such range as an actor. On “Dallas” he played a good guy, on “B&B” he’s playing it all. This is the performance of a lifetime for an actor who is deserving of the opportunity to play a role so exciting as Stephen Logan.

“B&B” is unforgettable and unstoppable in his ascension to greatness. Surely it’s this year’s winner for Best Daytime Drama, as it was in 2009. Bradley Bell makes actors dreams come true. His incredible work as a writer is envied by all.

Special notice goes to “As The World Turns” Mick Hazen, who portrays Parker Snyder on the CBS soap. Mick is an incredible actor fans are hoping they will see a lot more of, even past “ATWT’s” ending later this fall. Hazen is an award-winning and gifted performer that stands head and shoulders above his peer group. He takes acting seriously and that shows.

“B&B” and “ATWT” both air weekdays on the CBS network.