LOS ANGELES—As if the Los Angeles Lakers needed any more controversy, a 30-second video of Lakers rookie Point Guard D’Angelo Russell with teammate Nick Young has caused a PR nightmare for the embroiled organization.

The tape shows Young joking about a relationship with a 19-year-old woman, despite the fact he is engaged to pop singer, Iggy Azalea. They have appeared in magazines, and talk shows beaming of their upcoming nuptials.

For her part, Azalea is handling the situation with grace and humor. “Hmmm, I see D’Angelo Russell is trending, I actually liked his film. Thanks bro,” she tweeted.

Russell recorded the now infamous video with his phone last December. He claims he has no idea how or who released the tape that a celebrity website obtained recently. It is well known in the sports world that talking about another players personal life is off limits, tantamount to a cardinal sin in the NBA.

Russell, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2015 NBA draft came from Ohio State, has suffered  a difficult rookie season, and his maturity has been called into question numerous times. He was even benched by Head Coach Byron Scott. It is important to remember he just turned 20; he’s still a kid.

“I am sorry I ever recorded that video, I wish this had never happend” said Russell to the Vertical.

Many are left wondering what this means to the Lakers hopes of regaining their elite status.