HOLLYWOOD—He was a con artist back then and he’s a con artist now on “Days of Our Lives.” I’m referring to Leo Stark who has managed to get his hooks into Craig, Chloe’s father, who recently announced that he is gay. Chloe and Brady were baffled when they came face-to-face with the con artists who caused all sorts of mayhem the last time he was in Salem. This time he has his hooks in a guy who has dropped a bomb on his family and just doesn’t see the light that is staring directly at him. Simply put, Craig is blinded by love, let me rephrase that he is blinded by Leo’s charm.

However, you know who sees through Leo, Will and Sonny who are back in Salem to visit family and take care of some business. So what does this mean? Will and Sonny have come up with a plot to expose Leo and it involves Chad DiMera Yes, Will and Sonny, want Chad, who Leo had a spark for back in the day to seduce the con artist and expose him for playing Craig like a fiddle.

There is a problem with this plan: Chad is married to Abigail so please explain to me how in the hell, this will work without sending red flags to Leo. I mean Chad and Abigail have children people, and Chad just dropping his wife and all of a sudden having the hots for Leo is going to raise alarm bells. With that said, the plot is underway with a fake fight between Abigail and Chad, and Leo has perked up, but the guy is no idiot people.

In addition to that mayhem, Sarah aka ‘Renee’ has been released from the mental institution with her memory still out of tact and it has propelled Tony DiMera to become a houseguest at the Kiriakis mansion to keep an eye on Sarah to ensure she doesn’t do anything too risky. Sarah’s return has really led to a major hiccup for Xander and Gwen, because Xander still has that torch for Sarah, and him knowing that he was hoodwinked by Kristen on his wedding day makes it crystal clear that his life would be totally different if not for Kristen betraying him, but remember Xander betrayed her first by passing Kristen’s baby as Sarah’s people. So it is karma in an odd way.

Gwen is not happy, but this is karma for her causing all that chaos when she flew into Salem and what she is currently doing as well. Her partner in crime, Ava is not doing any better because her little plot to setup Rafe has blown up in her face and it led to a confrontation between Rafe, Ava and Nicole where a few truth bombs were dropped. Yes, Ava knows about you two sleeping together, but let’s be honest that big reveal from Ava was disappointing, it was NOT as explosive as one had hoped.

Look, I’m going to bring this up because it is not wowing me currently. The Devil jumping out of Johnny and into Belle, but as a ruse as Johnny continues his wicked shenanigans. He really has his eyes on Gabi Hernandez and has been wooing her with ease, especially now that she is in a power position. Jake is out, Gabi and Johnny are the new hot couple and got caught in a steamy situation by Jake who got an eyeful. Let’s just say Jake is not going to give up on fighting for the woman he loves.

Belle seems stunned by the tale that she was possessed by the Devil and did all sorts of wicked things, just like that supposed kiss that Abigail shared with EJ that was actually Johnny. Well, Chad learned that truth and is feeling guilty about throwing away the key and locking his brother in the slammer for inaccurate information. Speaking of EJ he called some memories of that fateful night he died and surprise it was Clyde who caused his demise. Um, we already knew that America right, so that was disappointed with that ‘reveal.’

We also have to chat about TR shooting Eli in the head and placing him in a hospital in critical condition. Lani and Paulina have NO IDEA that the culprit is the person neither of them trust, but assume he would not stoop that low right.