HELLO AMERICA!—One of the nicest, talented actors in Hollywood after being away from the industry for several years has announced that he is returning to one of his passions which of course is ACTING before the camera.  His name is Leon Isaac Kennedy!  He built up quite a following when starring in such films as “Penitentiary 1 &2” and numerous television shows and films.  Even before coming to Hollywood from Cleveland, Ohio he hosted a number one radio show.  His young fans labeled him as “Leon the Lover” because he was blessed with the leading man Tinseltown looks.

Eventually, Leon decided to explore his other passions such as religion and finding means in helping to feed the poor and hungry.  As a result he and the legendary singer, Smokey Robinson decided to team up and create a food industry which would be directed at feeding the poor and needy.  “It is quite gratifying,” Leon offered. “It feels good helping people who are in dire need and barely surviving.  We have been able to offer healthy food which would sustain them and their families.  Both Smokey and myself enjoy the feeling of giving back because we have been so lucky ourselves.”

After so many years fortifying the “food” business that he and Smokey developed, he consented to accept a few roles in the theatre and film industries. One of his major theatre projects is “I Feel Sin Comin’ On” co-starring with such industry names as Ruta Lee (powerful force in the industry), Marla Gibbs (“The Jeffersons”) and Anna Maria Holsford (“The Amen” series).  “With actors like this aboard,” he laughed, “you’d be a fool not to be included.”

After revisiting the feeling of being a part of such an artistic, creative team, Leon decided that it was time to make another film.  As a result, he quickly moved to suggest his ideas with several of his friends who are producers and they came up with the idea of a film called “The Heavenly Stars”.  And Leon isn’t wasting any time announcing to the world that he is back!

Leon’s ultimate objective is to produce films that will give people hope and belief that it is possible to achieve your dreams.  “It’s important that people don’t give up in despair,” he noted. “Life is to be enjoyed and not filled with darkness which seems to engulf millions of homes in our country today.  We have to care about each other again. And this is one reason why films and the theatre is so important in our way of life because it affects the way we see ourselves and the world.”

Yes, my friend Leon Isaac Kennedy is back and I’m sure we are going to witness some extraordinary artistic fireworks.