MALIBU—Actor Leonardo DiCaprio sold his house for $17.3 million last weekend, about $6 million lower than the asking price in 2012. The price was reported to have been lowered because of the house’s poor interior design.

The property is located in Malibu Colony, which is one of the older parts of Malibu and boasts a beautiful view of the coastline from Santa Monica to Rancho Palos Verdes. Once a popular location for celebrity vacation homes, the Colony is now a gated community.

DiCaprio’s former house was originally built in 1927 with a Cape Cod style, which is a type of lighthouse architecture that originated in Massachusetts. The home was recently remodeled, with one main house and two private guesthouses, 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms total; also included are a gym, two kitchens and an ocean view deck with beach access. Other salient aspects of the house include hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, exposed beams and a floor plan that connects with the outdoor living spaces.

DiCaprio first purchased the home in October 2002 for $6 million. In 2012, the house was on sale for $23 million. By June, 2013, DiCaprio lowered the price to $18.9 million, and offered to rent the property for $75,000 a month. The property is located deep on the beach, which means that the area will stay dry at almost any tide. Most seaside homes near beaches get submerged as the tide rises to higher levels.

The actor also owns an eco-friendly penthouse in Battery Park on Manhattan Island. DiCaprio is currently looking to purchase another home in New York.