BEVERLY HILLS—On Saturday, October 15, the LGBTQA rights activists will be protesting the Beverly Hills Hotel. This is the second time the community will be protesting at this hotel, the first occurring two years ago. The activists, lead by James Duke Mason, want to place pressure on the Sultan of Brunei for refusing to repeal the Sharia law in his country.

The Sultan, Hassanal Bolkiah, controls the small, but wealthy country of Brunei where the enforcement of the Sharia law validates the sentencing of stoning homosexuals to death. The protests return to the hotel in order to bring focus once again to this issue because the Sultan maintains ownership of the property as well as other properties in the Dorchester Collection including Hotel Bel-Air.

A public event has been created on Facebook by Mason regarding the protest with the event expecting to begin at 3:00 pm. Mason says on the page, “Join major elected officials, celebrities and gay rights organizations on October 15th to make your voice heard! Lets be loud and clear about the fact that the BOYCOTT IS NOT OVER until the Sultan either sells the hotel or changes the law!” The boycott will be meeting at the Will Rogers Memorial Park in Beverly Hills.

Mason wants to reignite the attention on this issue that began two years ago. In the past, celebrities such as Jay Leno, Ellen DeGeneres, and John Legend have participated in the boycotts as well.