HOLLYWOOD—Its May sweeps and as a result you all get a special column this week on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” It looks like Bill’s scheming ways are turning in his favor, as the relationship between Steffy Forrester and Liam Spencer is kaput. After Wyatt revealed what he ‘thought’ was taking place, Liam severed ties with the woman that is soon to be the mother of his daughter. I cannot believe the level of idiocy with some of these characters.

I mean Steffy seemed aware that Bill may have worked some magic behind the scenes to get Liam to sever ties with her. The unfortunate side effect is there isn’t much he can do to change the situation, since Bill has that leverage that Taylor was responsible for shooting him in the back. To be honest Steffy is in a Catch-22, damned if she do and be damned if she don’t. However, Ridge knows his opponent better than anyone else. This guy quickly picked up on the fact that Bill was up to his old dirty tricks yet again, so it led to another fiery confrontation between these two.

Secretly inside I wanted Ridge to pummel Bill, but we all know that will not change this ruthless titan. It’s like nothing can change the behavior of this guy. I mean he was shot in the back and near death and he’s still up to his dirty dealings. I mean it’s going to take this guy being placed in a wheelchair, losing his sight, his hearing, his memory or being kidnapped to force him to wake up and stop with his evil ways. Don Diamont was overlooked at this year’s Daytime Emmy awards, but I’m hoping in 2019 he gets the recognition he deserves. Diamont has proved to be in my honest opinion one of the best villains on Daytime TV right now.

So with Wyatt playing double agent (that is what he is doing in my opinion), I’m over the character. Either stand up to your father or continue to do his bidding, but don’t preach about his villainy if you’re siding to get what you want. I really thought the marriage proposal from Liam to Hope was downright silly, but she accepted, too bad everyone else around them weren’t so happy with the news. I mean how did they expect people to respond? Hope just arrived back to town; he just served annulment papers to Steffy so the timing is not only suspect, but quite abrupt to say the least.

Steffy is begging, and I mean begging Liam to give her another chance and cut off things with Hope. Steffy I hate to say this, but I think the ship has sailed with Liam and you need to prepare for your future. However, I think the most explosive outcome is if the truth about Bill’s behind the scenes antics come to light. How will Steffy, Liam, Wyatt and the rest of the players at Forrester Creations and Spencer Publications will react? To be honest the only person whose reaction really matters to me is Ridge because if we thought the last confrontation between these two was explosive this might finally, and I mean finally push Ridge over the edge and not in a good way.

Even Justin, who has been Bill’s right-hand man and was responsible for tossing Ridge out of that helicopter, is doing his best to force Bill to see his wrongdoing. Steffy nearly shattered to tears asking Wyatt to talk to Liam about her predicament. She made it clear that nothing is going on; to bad Wyatt wouldn’t be honest and reveal to his former wife that he is the catalyst of the rumor falling into his dad’s trap.

Any hope fans have for Liam and Steffy getting back together went up in the air, the moment Liam and Hope made love. Yup, after resisting temptation for weeks, the two took their relationship to the next level and it it’s certain to shatter Steffy’s heart, as well as Ridge who worried sick about his daughter’s wellbeing. So precisely what I feared, another long, dragged-out love triangle is about to transpire yet again.

Jeez, “The Bold and the Beautiful” is notorious for this mess, and as a viewer its okay for a few weeks, but after several months or years of seeing the same thing it quickly becomes boring.