HOLLYWOOD—The fireworks continue to explode on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” This time noble Liam has decided to go to battle with his father, Bill about his latest misdeeds. Watching Liam call Caroline’s bluff about her being ill was dramatic television. Bill was not pleased the least bit at his eldest son. He made threats, and we all know when Bill makes a threat he always follows through on it. It was the episode to end all episodes, with Liam gathering Steffy, Caroline, Thomas, Sally and Wyatt in a room with Bill to unleash his lies.

When Thomas learned that Caroline was not ill, he blew a gasket. He wasn’t just pissed he was livid; he shouted and raged, just as Caroline shed tears. Bill made threats to disinherit Liam and Wyatt if they betrayed him. The big announcement of Bill igniting flames to Spectra Fashions left Dollar Bill speechless to say the least. The drama on all fronts was epic, and the acting, (I think we should be locking in a few people for Daytime Emmy considerations for 2018 people). Sally argued that the fire was the result of an electrical issue, but Liam was not messing around. He called the police to arrest Bill Spencer for arson, and the level of rage in Bill’s eyes when he watched Liam betray meant blood would be spilled between the Spencer clan and it would not be something easily forgives.

However, the “B&B” loves to pull a surprise on viewers. What we were watching was a big moment Liam conspired in his mind while talking to Steffy. Like seriously! Come on, the writers can’t deliver such surprises like that on the audience it is totally not fair, especially when our instincts tell us otherwise. I was livid watching Steffy scorn Liam knowing that Caroline is not dying. Steffy should be ashamed of her deceit and I cannot wait till the ugly truth explodes in her face.

Sheila might be out of the Forrester Mansion, but it looks like she is well aware that Ridge and Quinn still hold a torch for one another and she plans to utilize that to her advantage. Who would help her with this ruse, none other than Charlie! Charlie is petrified of Sheila and he should be, cause she is the last person whose bad side you want to be on. However, the question remains why in the hell would Quinn and Ridge even continue to play with fire considering what just transpired? Quinn can’t keep her feelings for Ridge on lock, and neither can he.

The villainess charmed Charlie with her suspicions who wasn’t fully aware of falling for Sheila’s ruse. Watching those two get stuck in the elevator was quite fun to say the least. Quinn and Ridge touched a bit, but never took things to the next level, but Sheila was able to get some compromising photos that will indeed unnerve Eric if he catches wind of his wife, who he gave a second chance, canoodling yet again with his ‘son’ behind his back.

The greatest thing about this rivalry between Bill Spencer and Liam Spencer is seeing Liam seething mad at his father’s actions, and worst of all, Liam is actually becoming a bit like Bill with his thirst for power. Yes, Liam you do indeed have power over your father, and you can totally sink his ship. We all know the truth will come out (seems like November sweeps) at the earliest, but the question remains, what will be the consequences of turning on Bill Spencer who does not suffer fools lightly? Only time will tell!