HOLLYWOOD—This new mystery on “The Young and the Restless” has been the best thing for the soap so far in the past 6 months if I’m being honest. Why? It took us to a narrative that was not expected at all people. Jack has been receiving mysterious text messages from someone who wanted him to come to Los Angeles. He visited Los Angeles with his pal Phyllis and discovered some shockers. The first being that his son Keemo has died, but the bigger surprise, Keemo has a daughter, Allie, who is Jack’s granddaughter. Talk about a shocker people because it threw me for a loop to say the list.

However, there is a lot and I mean a lot more to this story as the mysterious text messages are continuing to be sent to him and guess what people it is NOT Allie! Allie is actually being stalked by this mysterious figure, as Jack and Phyllis continue to try to crack the case. Hey, Jack, why don’t you consider asking Kevin, the techy guy, look into who is sending the text or contact the police!

Let’s just say if you search the internet you will be able to find out the person who is sending the messages and talk about a blast from the past, this twist is an absolute game changer. It would have had even more of an impact if some things had not leaked over the internet people. Let’s just say Jack, Allie, Phyllis, Kyle and the rest of Genoa City will be rocked when this person makes their presence known. The first glimpse of actress Susan Walters took place on March 23, as we meet Taylor Jensen, who is a dead ringer for Diane Jenkins. I know what you’re thinking: wasn’t Diane Jenkins murdered by Nikki Newman? We all think the same thing people.

Ashland Locke, the walls have closed in on this guy people. Nate has found evidence that Ashland faked his cancer diagnosis, and now Victoria Newman is starting to see the walls close in on her. Victoria is quite stubborn, but with evidence coming from Nikki, Victor, Nate, Nick, it is very obvious Victoria can no longer turn a blind eye. With that said, Victor laid down the law to his daughter, but it was revealed by Vicky that Ashland is now co-CEO of Newman Enterprises. Victoria, how can you be so idiotic with all this information that is staring you directly in the face.

The Newman clan staged an intervention to force Victoria to see the light that she has been desperately ignoring people. Nate delivered the medical records to Victor and Adam, so there’s no denying the truth at this point, even if Victoria attempts to turn a blind eye people. However, I think she’s feeling duped, emotionally manipulated and let’s just say this is a woman scorned and she will indeed want her revenge people.

We’re not even going to discuss the characters that have nothing to do like Devon, Amanda, Lily, Billy, Nick, Sharon, Rey, Chelsea, I mean I could keep going if you like. I guess the one legitimate spark is between Chelsea and Rey. The writers are definitely preparing for these two to become a twosome and the sparks are starting to pop up people, so expect Rey or Chelsea to make the first move that will ultimately lead to a reunion between Sharon and Nick at some point down the road.