UNITED STATES—I am sure you can conjure up all manner of adjectives to describe the last year or so, but after a year of hardship we should all soon be able to get back to the new normal, all of course dependent on just where you live in the world.

With lockdowns coming to an end for many people thanks in no small part to the vaccine rollouts, you are probably hoping to get back to doing the things you once took for granted, and I do know there will be millions of people the world over who will be eager to be able to watch sporting events once more.

For some fans of sport though, they may be somewhat hesitant to visit sportsgrounds and sport stadiums in the way they once did for obvious reasons, and sadly that fact coupled with the problems many sports clubs have faced over the last year, means many of those clubs are going to face even more financial difficulties in the year or even years ahead.

Many sport club owners have been taking some massive knocks financially. According to the experts at Top 10 Sports Betting Sites, many businesses including even online betting sites and apps have been cutting back on advertising and sponsorship deals with sports clubs across the globe, and that in turn means many clubs are operating on a massively reduced income.

In fact, with ticket sales being non-existent for a year and with no income coming in from television companies that once often paid a small fortune to many sporting clubs just to televise their sporting events, many clubs are in a desperate situation and may not survive moving forward.

But at the end of the day, there is now finally some light at the end of the tunnel so to speak so hopefully all involved in the sporting industry will be able to get back to work and get back in business before it is too late and they are forced to close down for good, which sadly some of them have already had to do.

Many Sports Clubs Have Taken on Debt

With no money coming in from ticket sales, advertising revenue having been wiped out and with many sponsors having pulled out of financially supporting many sports clubs over the last year or so, if it had not been for Government help and support, some sports clubs would have folded and closed months ago.

The furlough schemes have of course been a great help for many sports clubs, for that has enabled them to pay their staff, which they would possibly have not been able to do with no money coming in so at the very least those furlough schemes have kept many people in employment in the sporting industry.

However, many sports club owners have either been forced to dig deep into their own personal financial reserves to ensure they can keep paying the bills of the club they own or have been forced to take on debt and many of them have been forced to take on a mountain of debt.

Much of that debt has however come from Government back loans schemes that sports clubs were eligible for, and whilst no business owner wants to take on debt, much more so during a pandemic that seems never ending, that has been something many people have been forced to do, however whether they can pay back those loans remains to be seen.

Local Sports Clubs Need Your Help

There is something you can do in your own little way to help keep your favorite sports club or team in business, and that is of course by getting out there when the rules permit and start visiting each of that team or club’s live events and take some mates with you too.

We have all be screaming out for our lives to get back to normality, so if you are the type of sports fans# that usually sits at home and watches sporting events on television, then do something different and get out there and attend some live sporting events soon, you will be helping the long term survival of the teams that you enjoy watching if you do so.