SANTA MONICA—The city of Santa Monica has appointed Lisa Pope as the new Assistant Director of Records and Election Services/Assistant City Clerk. Pope formerly served as the City Clerk for the city of Malibu.

According to a press release from the city of Santa Monica, she will be assisting City Clerk Denise Anderson-Warren. “I look forward to working with Lisa, her wealth of knowledge and Clerk experience will be a great benefit to my department, as well as the City,” said City Clerk Denise Anderson-Warren.

Anderson-Warren became the City Clerk in February. Ms. Pope had been the City Clerk for Malibu for 15 years. She is a Certified Municipal Clerk and a Master Municipal Clerk. Pope was named City Clerk of the Year in 2015 by the City Clerk’s Association of California. She was one of 18 City Clerks nominated for the award.

Pope will be helping the City Clerk’s office as it prepares for the November 8 election arranging polling locations, recruiting volunteers for qualifying candidates and insuring campaign financial statements are posted to the city’s website.

According to the city of Malibu’s website, Pope was in charge of six municipal elections and dealt with access to city records.

According to Malibu officials, she also “acted as a compliance officer for federal, state and local statutes including the Political Reform Act, the Brown Act and the Public Records Act, ensuring transparency to the public.”

Pope is voluntarily serving on the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC) Policy Committee. “I am so excited to begin working for the City of Santa Monica and look forward to joining the team in partnering with the Council, staff and public,” said Pope.