HOLLYWOOD—Wow, to say that some chaos has erupted on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives” is an understatement. It seems like every week, a character is ‘this’ close to meeting his or her maker. The focal point is Kate Roberts who has been placed in a coma thank to her nemesis Vivian. Salem knows Vivian is alive, but there seems to be no evidence to prove that Vivian not only shot Kate, but buried her alive and then tried to smoother her to death.

Will and Lucas have been by Kate’s side, but where is Rex, Billie and Austin America? Last time I checked those three were Kate’s kids too and she is literally on death’s door. Things are NOT and I mean NOT looking good. On the other side, we have Julie, now I’m hot and cold on this character. Sometimes I like her, sometimes I cannot stand her because she tries to be holier than though, and I can’t stand characters like that. She suffered a heart attack, and her condition is so bad she needs a heart.

Hmm, do you see how things are progressing here? It’s looking like Julie might get Kate’s heart per Lucas who has considered taking his mom off life support. On the other hand, I just cannot see the writers killing off Kate. Yes, I know Julie is an iconic character on the soap, but is she doing so much where she will be missed? Amidst all this chaos, Gabi has been at war with Lani, Eli, Hope and Ciara about not ‘helping’ Julie when she thought she was faking.

Gabi has been feeling remorse, but she’s not beating herself up over the issue as she has been in the past. She knows that Vivian may have played a role in Kate’s situation, but she doesn’t have the proof need to bust Stefan’s mother. We’ve talked about two characters in life or death battles, now it’s time to turn our attention to a third: Jennifer Horton. Jennifer was kidnapped, but it’s not by the one person everyone suspected: Eve. No, Eve is not the guilty party; it was Dr. Henry Shah of all people.

Look, this is ridiculous storytelling; sorry I was not buying the tale being weaved here because it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Jack and JJ put their heads together, and with the assistance of Kayla they were able to deduce that Henry was responsible for Jennifer’s predicament. Also he was the culprit who destroyed Dr. Rolf’s lab.

After a bit of digging Jack was able to locate Jennifer, a battle ensued, he knocked his head and all his memories came flooding back. Yes, “Days” fans after nearly a year, Jennifer and Jack Deveraux have been reunited. Love triumphs always. Speaking of Dr. Rolf, Kristen plans to use him for her latest plan, one that she did in the past. What am I referring to? Remember when she stole Theresa’s embryo and tried to pass it off as her own. Well, she plans to do that again this time with Sarah, thanks to Xander accidentally spilling that she is preggers.

Xander has seemed to turn over a new leaf as a direct result of Sarah Horton of all people. It’s kind of sweet, and makes me question rather Eric and Sarah should be together. Sarah was contemplating terminating the pregnancy, but ultimately decided against it. Also on Kristen’s front, she was stunned to realize, there is no need to steal an embryo. Why? She is already pregnant and that bun in the oven very likely belongs to Brady. Who has been fighting temptation like hell to resist the woman who has his heart in ways that she should not.

The one tale we have to talk about that I did not see coming was the return of Jordan Ridgeway. Yes, she is back in Salem and staying with Rafe of all people. Remember, Rafe and Jordan were an item once, and the way things are going, I don’t see Rafe or Hope reconciling anytime soon if at all. Rafe seems to think Jordan has battled her demons. Ben was giddy at the thought of getting to spend time with his nephew, but Jordan said no way. It left Ben heartbroken, Ciara furious, and Hope baffled as to why Rafe is allowing Jordan to live with him, after all of her antics recently. Yes, she did attempt to kill someone, but unlike Ben, she didn’t actually kill anyone.

Rafe thinks it’s smart to have Jordan close to David since she is his mother, but the audience STILL DOES NOT KNOW who the father of the child is. Yeah, this is being dragged out, and I’m a bit annoyed. Hello, “Days of Our Lives” I really want to know who the father of this child is and I hope it’s not a predictable reveal.