GRIFFITH PARK—A mountain lion named Puma-22 (P-22) was found sick in March, stricken with mange, a skin disease caused by parasitic mites. The cougar was then given blood test that revealed he had been exposed to rat poisons.

To counteract the poison, P-22 was then given Vitamin K injections and released back into the wild.

An unofficial mascot of the park, officials were happy to release photos captured by remote cameras at the location of the cougar’s deer kill. The photos, released on December 4 show the mountain lion to be a picture of health, his coat shiny, even, and bearing no signs of the previous mange.

This news comes in the wake of reports of another mountain lion spotted east of the 495 Freeway. A blurry photograph of the beast posted was posted to Twitter,. This is the second Santa Monica Mountain Lion to migrate across the 405.