HOLLYWOOD—Looking good is hard work. Facelifts, implants, liposuction and nosejobs- sounds like a checklist for Hollywood, doesn’t it? For many years, plastic surgery has been a way for celebrities to prevent the signs of aging and forever maintain their stylish good looks and girlish figures. The demands of fame and the fact that the camera adds 10 pounds or more, we can’t blame anyone for wanting a little help after gravity starts to work overtime.

While average people opt for plastic surgery, going under the knife for implants and tummy tucks, its almost a prerequisite for being a Hollywood star. In fact, as critics spend their time whispering about the last Hollywood goddess’s nose job, male celebs slipped by the camera without too much attention. That is, until recently. The high demands of looking good in Hollywood no longer apply only to women. Today male celebs are opting for plastic surgery to help ease the pains of aging in such a harsh and critical world. Men are having facelifts, liposuctions as well. Male celebrities are going under the knife to help them look hotter, sexier and of course, younger. There has been some amazing work done on celebrities. If anyone saw the VMAs, on August 27, Rod Stewart, looked fabulous, for his age.

The camera does not lie; it does not care whether you are astoundingly beautiful or as ugly as an ogre; it doesn’t care whether you have rainbow hair or freckled skin. Cameras don’t discriminate, and as a result there will be times when it catches you at your best or your absolute worst. From weird angles to harsh lighting, there are plenty of factors that can cause a photo to turn downright awful; no one is immune to the massive power of the camera lens!

Whether you are a Hollywood A-lister or just a regular Average Joe, everyone has taken a terrible photo in their lifetime. From the notorious selfie, one of the biggest culprits when it comes to ruining pictures is having horrendous makeup. Even, some DMV photo licenses are purposely taken to make you look bad. They take pleasure in making you look bad.

Celebrities have their own makeup artists and a team of stylists. Look at Kim Kardashian she always looks great. Lindsay Lohan, has been in the spotlight for decades, originally starting in “The Parent Trap” in which she played both the twin sisters in the 1998 Disney film; many believed that this was destined to be her big break to stardom, but despite a brief period of both prosperity and fortune things didn’t turn out the way that so many thought they would. The highlight of Lohan’s career was “Mean Girls” in 2004: Ever since then it has been an endless struggle for the delightful redhead. From problems with the law, Lohan’s career has taken a few twists and turns. One thing is for sure, she manages to still be a sexy woman. Another actress that is stunning is Leighton Meester. This gossip girl has been the subject of some rather fierce gossip herself, but the truth of the matter is she is stunning.

As women, we are all beautiful, but even more so when our best features are enhanced with makeup…and then there are the celebrities. Go on Instagram and I’m sure you’re following a few stars who have selfies of themselves while being made up. I won’t name any names, but there are plenty of hmm, less attractive celebrities who turn into gorgeous creations of God because of the magic of a makeup artist’s brush. Putting on makeup is an art form, all the colors and tricks you can do to your face. Makeup skills can be learned. If you’re a frequent YouTube watcher then you’ll notice the sudden boom in beauty channels; some of the products that they use may hurt your pockets (beauty is pain isn’t it), but you can start small, some products are affordable.

Rose’s Scoop: Matt Damon, has two films in competition in Venice, the Venice Film Festival. The start of the Venice Film Festival marks the beginning of the film awards season- a season that will finish with the 2018 Oscar ceremony next March.