WESTWOOD—The Los Angeles City Controller’s Office released its official public park grades on Wednesday, September 13.

Of the 40 parks surveyed across Los Angeles, four were given overall ratings within the C range. Five parks were awarded A’s. Four of them included: Culver Slauson, Jim Gilliam, Palisades, and Westwood, all located in the Westside region.  The three other parks surveyed in Westside –Oakwood, Pan Pacific, and Robertson- obtained B grades.

Culver Slauson received the highest overall numerical score of all city parks with a total of 93 points awarded out of a possible 100. The park’s restrooms were found to be the cleanest in the city, being given a score of 97. None of the Westside area public parks received an overall score lower than 84. In addition, none of their amenities warrant a score below 75.

The quality of park restrooms was the biggest area of concern for residents. Over 16 parks received a D or F grade for their restroom facilities. The lowest score for any Westside park’s bathroom was 77.

Across the Los Angeles region, 23 percent of park goers cited inadequacies of park facilities and amenities (including bathrooms) as an issue from them utilizing the park more. Nearly 46 percent of respondents revealed safety concerns as the greatest factor impeding frequent park usage.