STUDIO CITY–The plan for reopening theme parks in Los Angeles County has been addressed to the Economic Resiliency Task Force of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, June 2, urging officials to make an approval immediately.

“Theme parks and attractions are positioned to provide a safe primarily outdoor experience for guests and employees,” said Karen Irwin, President and Chief Operating Officer of Universal Studios Hollywood. “Many people instinctively think that large theme parks and crowds will be the last stage reopened. While this misperception is understandable, theme parks actually offer more controlled environments in places like beaches gardens or even hiking trails.”

Irwin represented Universal Studio, Six Flags, and Pacific Park during the meeting of the Los Angeles County Economic Resiliency Task Force.

“We would like approval to begin the reopening process immediately, in order to get our employees back to work. We’re already underway with implementing enhanced safety standards and LA County parks will be ready to begin reopening between the middle of June and July 1,” said Irwin, who mentioned that employees would be trained on new safety protocols.

“Your safety is always our number one priority,” Six Flags announced via Twitter. The company plans to create a safe environment for everyone as they are preparing to reopen. Sharon Parker, the Communication Manager of Six Flags said that every guest would be required to make a reservation for a specific date to visit. “By limiting the number of people in the park, everyone would have more room to move around and maintain proper social distancing,” said Parker.

There is new cutting-edge thermal imaging being used to take temperatures of all guests and team members when entering the park. Six Flags also implement new high-tech security screenings to allow touchless bag checks. In order to reduce the risk of infection, everyone is required to wear masks and follow strict social distancing rules while in the park.