LOS ANGELES—The Los Angeles Film Critics Association released its 43rd annual list of winners on Sunday, December 3.

The Association (known as LAFCA) is a movie critic conglomerate that has given out annual awards to film industry personalities and movies worthy of distinction since its founding in 1975. The awards are officially presented in January, but winners are announced near the end of each calendar year.

The Best Picture title is regarded as the Association’s most coveted award. This year’s recipient is Italian director Luca Guadagnino’s coming-of-age romance “Call Me by Your Name,” a film detailing the relationship between an Italian teenager and his father’s American assistant. Guadagnino also won the Best Director award (which he shares with Guillermo del Toro for the latter’s direction of fantasy drama “The Shape of Water”). Star of the film, Timothee Chalamet, also claimed LAFCA’s Best Actor award.

The critics awarded British actress Sally Hawkins with the Best Actress award for her portrayal of a mute janitor at a government laboratory who befriends an imprisoned sea creature in “The Shape of Water.” Willem Dafoe and Laurie Metcalf won the Best Support Actor and Best Supporting Actress races for their respective roles in the films “The Florida Project” and “Lady Bird.”

“Get Out,” the directorial debut of comedian and actor Jordan Peele, took home the awards for Best Screenplay, while Dennis Gasser won Best Production Design for his work on “Blade Runner 2049,” the long-anticipated sequel to 1982’s sci-fi cult favorite, “Blade Runner.”

Swedish-French actor Max von Sydow received the Association’s Career Achievement Award, the only one given out this year. Sydow, who is 88, received the award for the consistent quality of his work over his 68 years in over 100 movies and television projects.

The awards will be officially given out at during the organization’s annual dinner on January 13. The full list of LAFCA’s awards for 2017 can be found at: http://www.lafca.net/years/2017.html