LOS ANGELES— On Wednesday, May 13 the Los Angeles Rams introduced it’s new jersey designs including a fresh off-white look. The team will start a new era as it kicks off the season with jersey’s that have never been seen before, and a brand new stadium in Inglewood, California.



This brand new off-white look is being tabbed ‘bone’ and features more grey than your typical white. The Rams say they want the color to remind fans of the ram’s horn and the city’s beautiful sandy beaches. Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp even took to his Twitter account praising the new off-white look by saying, “That 10 hits different in bone!”

In the unveiling, fans learned that the team will have three pants options: bone, yellow, and royal. It’s not exactly clear yet, but it is assumed the off-white jersey set will be for road games, while royal and yellow will be set for SoFi Stadium home games. If one takes a closer look at the pant design, they’ll notice differing stripes. The off-white pant design will include a thick white non off-white stripe flanked by a thin yellow stripe.

The Los Angeles Rams plan to showcase these new uniform designs as they host the Dallas Cowboys at Sofi Stadium on September 13, 2020.