LOS FELIZ — On Saturday, August 1, the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council held their monthly neighborhood cleanup event. For this past Saturday, the area of focus was the same as July’s cleanup event, being centered around Lyman Place and Hollywood Boulevard.

On an official website endorsed by the council known as www.losfelizhelps.org, the organizers asked that volunteers wear masks and provide their own gloves, rakes, and other cleaning materials to “join the collective effort to remove trash and debris from the area…”

A picture shared by the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council taken on July’s cleanup event.

The event is a monthly occurrence, having regained traction after inactivity on Saturday, February 1, and aiming to take place regularly on the first Saturday of each new month from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM. According to the neighborhood council’s official website, losfeliznc.org, cleanups had previously occurred around the “Los Feliz Post Office on Vermont and at the triangle at the intersection of Vermont and Hollywood Boulevard.”

The committee posted online on July 29, three days before the event, asking for volunteers to help join the cleanup effort. They would later update their social media on the night of the event, stating that the operation served to be a “another successful quick 1 hour clean-up in the neighborhood!” The post was ended by thanking all volunteers who came and encouraging followers to join the effort in next month’s cleanup activity.