LOS FELIZ — On Monday, July 27, the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council updated their Instagram story to remind their followers about the weekly Emergency Radio Check-Ins.

This tradition, which was originally started in 2019 and was apparently meant to be a daily occurrence, now occurs at every Monday night at 7 p.m. It was made to check in on neighbors and to keep the Los Feliz community informed on important updates. The use of emergency radios also provides the community with a back-up method of communication to talk with their neighbors and community if cell phone towers were to get overwhelmed during a pandemic like COVID-19 or from another natural disaster (such as an earthquake).

To participate, the only equipment that locals need is a two-way radio. They then need to tune their radios into channel 15 and, to check-in, state their name and general location.

The Los Feliz Neighborhood Council’s official Instagram page also offers videos regarding this tradition on a story entitled “Emergency Radio.” This story has videos showcasing Los Feliz Neighborhood Council members checking-in by connecting to channel 15. While the last reminder of the weekly check-ins on this story was posted in 2019, it seems that reminders are still being posted to remind followers on the council’s main story.