HOLLYWOOD—I never expected Alex to reveal to Randal that Marcie is having his baby and not Brad’s but it seems she just couldn’t keep her mouth shut on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong.” However, in this week’s episode, ‘The Battleground State,’ she learned there are indeed consequences for one’s actions. How so? Well, Brad was livid, Marcie will be out for blood, and of course Randal is about to continue poking people until someone snaps and actually takes him out.

Alex was stunned to realize that she may have lost Brad once and for all, just as Randal continued his taunts. He really is an idiot; Alex just told him the truth and he still doesn’t believe her. She touched a few cords about Randal nearly being hung to death. Randal really is crazy, now he is using tracking devices to keep tabs on people. Lushion was not pleased to see Kelly’s new attorney who came directly from the public defender’s office and seemed a bit young to be a skilled attorney.

As a result, Lushion delivered a call to Ian and really laid into his pal about the attorney who he referred. Thank God for Marcie, if she hadn’t pushed Ian to answer his phone, he never would have. Lushion questioned Ian’s motives and it certainly seems like Ian has something to hide, and considering he’s dealing with an FBI agent who is good at uncovering the truth. That phone call totally ruined Ian’s date with Marcie. Larry begged Eddie to let him go, but our resident cop was not budging. He attempted to push Eddie’s buttons, but it only resulted in Eddie wanting to play a deadly game by placing a plastic bag over his enemy’s face.

Looks like Lushion and Kelly don’t have many options when it comes to representation, as Kelly lost it when she came face-to-face with her new attorney, Carl. Carl doubted Kelly’s innocence, but a private investigator could remedy that issue. Natalie had a conversation with Justice where she learned even more details about Travis and his manipulative ways. Like the fact that Travis opened Justice’s bedroom window, and utilized him to empty out Kelly’s bank accounts. Justice revealed a ton of juicy details that will without a doubt help Kelly’s case. Natalie revealed those details to Lushion, as they worried about Justice’s mental state.

Back at the police station, Lushion checked in on Kelly who was slowly, but surely unraveling behind bars. Reassuring her that Justice is fine, and that she will not be locked up in prison if he has anything to say. Back at the restaurant, Marcie and Ian continued their ‘non date,’ where Ian was perturbed over Lushion’s call. After constant prodding, Marcie got Ian to open up, but it was clear Ian has distaste for Larry. Genius, why the hell did it take Marcie to put that idea into Ian’s head that he should have his own practice?

Their conversation was altered by the arrival of Brad who was at the bar grabbing a drink, he spilled the beans that he spotted Alex and Randal having another conversation. Looks like Brad and Ian will both by vying for Marcie’s heart. Brad seemed a bit jealous, while Ian seemed a bit annoyed by a third wheel appearing in the mix. Ian started to learn that there are more secrets with his new neighbors than he ever expected. The conversation got tense with the unexpected arrival of Randal who seemed to annoy all. Randal asked about Marcie’s pregnancy, just as Ian tried to diffuse the tension. Marcie and Ian left, just as Brad cracked a bottle over Randal’s head, before the two got into a massive brawl inside the restaurant.

Oh, that was a scene worth watching, seeing Randal finally get a brutal beat down. Next week looks more fun as Kelly unravels more, Steven and Eddie go to war, and Alex and Brad air out their issues. Until next week “if Loving You is Wrong” love birds!