HOLLYWOOD—The fourth season finale of Tyler Perry’s hit “If Loving you is Wrong” has arrived. The entire season has been full of twists, turns and surprises galore. However, I never expected things to end the way they did, but my jaw was left on the floor during the final moments. The episode, ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ was simply utter chaos to say the least.

Before we talk about those bombshell final moments, things kicked off with Alex being confronted by Brad and Dr. Raston about the switch of the paternity results involving her child. After another lie, Brad decided he was officially done with his wife. Here we go once again, Randall puffing out his chest and proving once again that he has to be the most annoying character on this series at this point; he’s insufferable, he’s worse than Eddie and I thought I would never say that.

Randal wanted confirmation from Alex about the paternity of Marcie’s baby, which led to a tense interaction between Randal and his former ex-wife. Randal was causing unnecessary stress on Marcie’s pregnancy where he could cause this bundle of joy to be lost. However, I loved seeing the look on Randal’s face when he learned that their divorce was finalized. Checkmate, yeah, the psychiatrist got duped and he didn’t like that one bit, however, I loved it. Lushion had a conversation with Kelly about Justice and her pending legal situation, man she was losing it, but seeing Natalie’s friendly face sure helped.

Natalie was worried about Kelly’s state of mind, which forced me to suspect that Kelly might try to commit suicide. Concerns were heightened when Esperanza informed Natalie that Steven has gone missing, but Natalie dismissed it as fodder. However, when Esperanza brought up the idea of Eddie being involved (the audience knows he was), but no one else seemed impressed. Brad was fuming mad with all of Alex’s lies and deception. Brad inquired about Marcie and Ian being involved in a relationship, but she shut down those rumors. Hmm, Marcie you can’t catch a clue that Ian is into you.

Ok, this is very interesting, this entire idea of Eddie playing a role in Steven’s so-called disappearance, was an entire farce and nothing ever transpired. Funny, real funny! Randal had a confrontation with Ian about signing divorce papers without his knowledge. Ian looked like he wanted to laugh in Randal’s face. Per usual the ego on Randal is going to be his downfall.

Lushion decided to check in on the whereabouts of Larry, and found him unconscious and chained to that moving truck. Alex called Esperanza to air out all of her grievances and asked for advice about how to handle the Randal situation. Dr. Raston informed Brad that Marcie lost the baby. Ugh, that is so heart-shattering because this woman has been through utter hell and it’s apparent that Randal and Alex added to Marcie’s stress leading to dire news. The revelation shattered Marcie, as she was livid and I can sense she wants revenge and Randal might be in a major trouble.

Eddie was not pleased to see Lushion deliver Larry to a hospital bed, awake and ready to sing to the authorities. Interesting, Steven was also there. Oh, Eddie you’re telling on yourself. Really, Larry, you’re going to sit here and lie in front of Steven and Lushion, what the hell? Now I see, Larry has alternate plans in play to get even with his enemy. Would be nice to actually know what Larry is planning, but I guess audiences will have to wait and see.

Randal and Alex ventured to his shed, just as Brad spotted the duo from a distance. Brad had red in his eyes so that can’t be good. Is Alex really going to take control of the situation and put a plan into action to take her adversary down once and for all? She confessed her sins from the past, but put the charm on to get Randal to cease fire and it worked! Randal started to confess his thoughts and started to make moves on Alex, who resisted his advances, but the smell of gasoline alarmed both.

Someone set the shed on fire and locked Alex and Randal inside. I expected some sort of shocking moment, but that was not one of them. That was just the first one, because Natalie opened a letter revealing a suicide note from Kelly, which prompted Lushion to rush to Kelly’s cell, where she hung herself. Man that was climatic to say the least. This is bonkers, like literal bonkers.

Is Kelly a goner? Who set the fire to the barn? Is Randal and Alex goners? For a season that has been quiet at times, and at other times riveting that is the way to end things on a massive high note. All I can say is I cannot wait for season five of the series to kick-off to have all those questions answered. Until then, “If Loving You is Wrong” love birds!