HOLLYWOOD—We’ve known for quite some time Travis was unhinged, but this week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong” should be a major indicator for Kelly to arm herself with a weapon for protection ASAP. The episode, ‘A Fatal Attraction’ saw Kelly stunned to find Travis hiding in the back of her car and then assaulting her in a public setting. She did her best to fight him off, but he was too strong as he gripped her by the throat multiple times. She found a way to get in a few strikes to mount an escape.

An emotionally rattled Kelly drove off in her vehicle as Travis watched from a distance. If she doesn’t go to the authorities now, she seriously is delusional. Randal reunited with Miss Louise and the two shared a heartfelt conversation, thankful that each another is okay. He was stunned that Marcie alerted the FBI that her husband was in serious danger. Miss Louise begged Randal to forgive Marcie and to forgive his vendetta before things get worse than what already transpired.

Finally, someone preaching what all viewers have been echoing for nearly two seasons. If a near death experience does not shake this guy, then death itself or the death of a close loved one is the only thing that will change him. Yes, Marcie, you are indeed pregnant and about 3 months preggers, hmm, I’m starting to suspect that its possible Randal and not Brad is the baby daddy.

Wow, it was a moment to watch Brad defend Alex, asking Marcie to back-off with the antagonizing. Well, Brad does have a point, Alex saw her newborn nearly drown in a lake, and then watched both of her parents be shot killed in front of her. Maybe being pregnant will turn over a new leaf for Marcie. Brad was torn rather Marcie wants to be with him or not, and she seems to be warming up to a possible relationship. Natalie stood by Joey’s side as doctors provided her with an update on his condition, with Lushion by her side as moral support. Lushion was stunned to get news that Ramsey was stabbed to death, not to mention the possibility that his pal’s death might have been a crime of passion. Hmm, Travis seems quite clever people. Lushion had an emotional conversation with Kelly about Ramsey’s untimely death, with hopes of keeping that information from Natalie. Why Kelly, why in the world did you not tell Lushion what transpired with Travis?

Now things are really getting good, as Steven, Eddie and Lushion had a conversation about the whereabouts of Andrew. Unfortunately, Lushion is no idiot and was well aware that Eddie was up to no good, but Steven attempted to play master manipulator, but was not as smooth as one hoped. Eddie probed that Lushion was FBI yet again, and the tension between both Eddie and Lushion reached feverish heights because these two looked like a fist-fight was about to erupt.

Steven you need to be a bit more convincing with proving to Eddie that Lushion is no undercover agent, and then Steven dropped the bombshell to woo Eddie to go after Julius. Steven is definitely hitting Eddie where it hurts regarding Julius, Esperanza. Steven is indeed weaving a web of deception to take down a drug lord and the dirty cop who has been aligned with him for months. I will admit those final moments had me rooting for Steven; he has a bit of a dark side that can be quite menacing. Man this stare down between Eddie and Lushion is one for the ages people!

Now the tables turn back to Randal and Alex and the fight for custody of their son. Alex shared her tale regarding her parents kidnapping her son and the revelation that her parents are dead. The smirk on Randal’s face is driving me beyond crazy. Things are not looking good for Alex people; however, she spilled her heart out to the judge about his ruling.

Wow, Randal was awarded full-custody of her son, but Alex decided to play dirty and reveal that Randal is not the father of her son. Ugh, slightly unexpected and not shocking that shocking considering the circumstances; I mean Alex was desperate. Next week, it looks like the wheels will continue to churn as more drama, secrets and backstabbing takes place. Until next Tuesday “If Loving You is Wrong” love-birds!