HOLLYWOOD—Last week things ended on a high note on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong” with Randal and Brad getting into an epic fist fight. This week’s episode, ‘Golfer’ saw Randal and Brad being arrested for their battle and Lushion having to deal with another situation he wished didn’t fall into his lap. Brad hit the nail right on the coffin about Randal following him to the restaurant and having a tracking device on his vehicle. Randal was not pleased to see Lushion release Brad, but kept Randal in cuffs. Dirty talk Randal, you just have no idea who you’re messing with.

Ian and Marcie continue to dance around the status of their relationship. It looks like Ian wants to be Marcie’s knight in shining armor. Marcie snapped when he asked about her pregnancy, but Ian seemed certain he has a plan in play to knock Randal down a few pegs. Looks like Marcie might be having some complications with her pregnancy. Esperanza got dolled up for a little bit of late night loving with Steven, who climbed through her window. The level of lust between these two is crazy! Looks like Esperanza wants to have her cake and eat it to, I mean the fact that she snapped so quickly on Steven where it’s apparent they are both more interested in sex than an actual relationship speaks wonders.

On his way back to his abode, Brad found the tracking device Randal put on his vehicle, and got into a heated conversation with Alex about her duplicity. Why even waste time on this anymore, it’s evident the relationship between Brad and Alex is kaput. Lushion was peeved that Natalie woke him up at 5 a.m. to chat about Kelly and her situation. Natalie was on edge learning that if Kelly doesn’t get off, she might have another mouth to feed, which added to her level of stress. Now isn’t this an interesting development, as Steven exited Esperanza’s house, Eddie was outside sitting on his bosses bike ready to confront him. Oh, goody we see a stand-off as threats were made. Steven is on to Eddie and his tricks, so it was nice to see him have Esperanza’s best interest in play, but who was in that black van that was following Steven?

Back at the police station, Randal was getting ready to be processed for release, but per usual he found a way to antagonize people per usual. This time he decided to taunt Kelly. I swear I wish Randal would have died when he was nearly hung to death. He has to be the most immature and annoying character on television that I can recall in years! Like what the hell does this SOB get out of taunting Kelly causing her to make a costly mistake? Let’s hope Randal meets his maker before this season wraps because it’s long overdue at this point, and I’m over the guy at this point.

Eddie paid a visit to Larry who begged to be released, and to no longer be tortured by the dirty cop, who is without a doubt pushing his boundaries to say the least. Marcie paid a visit to her doctor to ensure all is well with her pregnancy. Her doctor was hesitant to call Brad Montgomery, after realizing it complicates the situation with Alex. Hmm, it was odd that the doctor called Alex instead of Brad. Alex on edge about losing her husband, lied about Brad’s whereabouts, and pinpointed the doctor to contact Randal instead. Alex, you are putting yourself in the dog house, and you are really making your situation worse!

Next week it looks like Randal and Alex return to that shed where all this madness first started, Brad and Marcie bond, and it seems Randal learns the truth about Alex and her baby! Until next week “If Loving You is Wrong” love birds!