HOLLYWOOD—I have to admit last week’s season four premiere of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong” got off to a slow start, but what starts slow doesn’t always end that way. This week’s episode, ‘Justice’ really proved to the audience if we didn’t already know, the Maxine Police Department is the most corrupt and perhaps employs some of the dumbest people in the world. Kelly was taken aback with the evidence the authorities attempted to pin on her for the murder of Ramsey. It was nice to see Kelly show a bit of edge, as this DA, whose line of questioning and let’s just say acting was HORRID!

The police produced more evidence, this time a letter and a hairbrush covered in blood. Yeah, it looks like Travis did indeed utilize breaking into Kelly’s house to steal items to set her up for murder. If Kelly was smart, she wouldn’t have spoken a word without having a lawyer in her presence. Marcie did her best to sleuth for information from Brad, and he decided to spill the beans about his decision to reconcile his marriage with Alex.

Deep down its evident that Marcie knows her fling with Brad is long over, and during dinner she got that confirmation. The flirting between these two is nice, but Brad’s heart is elsewhere Marcie. Brad is indeed a nice guy, but as we all know, nice guys finish last. Marcie acknowledged her emotions, which struck a chord with Brad. He seems torn; he wants to be with Marcie, but at the same time his heart lingers for Alex. Wait, when did Brad find out about the baby? I must have missed that, and it’s evident he knows the baby is Randal’s and not his.

Natalie and Esperanza had a conversation about Kelly’s arrest, and Justice pulling the trigger on that gun. Esperanza kept poking about Kelly having that gun, which ultimately led to Natalie revealing that Kelly got a firearm to protect herself from Travis. Jeez, Esperanza get off your damn high horse. You are no saint; I wish that Tyler Perry would give her character an actual storyline people.

We get another tense meeting between Lushion and Eddie, where the dirty cop was interrogated and these two foes did not hold back on how they felt about each other. Eddie was adamant that Lushion was FBI and wanted his partner to acknowledge his true identity. Eddie is dirty, but he’s not stupid. Lushion wanted him to confess, but Eddie would not take the bait. Eddie wanted to play a game chronicling their past, where Eddie brought up gaps in their past, that made me question is it possible that Eddie is an FBI informant? Steven informed Lushion that their boss was coming to Maxine to talk to them about Eddie, which sent more shockwaves going off in Lushion’s head. He seems to think Eddie might have a major secret that is going to get him out of a very sticky situation.

Things weren’t going great for Marcie, but that soon changed with the arrival of Ian, Larry’s colleague. Marcie played hard to get, while Ian was as persistent as ever. I have a feeling another murder might transpire before the season wraps, and Ian might play a role in things. When Lushion dropped the bomb to the DA that Travis has something to do with Ramsey’s death, he was surprised to learn that she goes to church with Travis’ parents. Yeah, that kid has his hands in plenty of cookie jars. The level of pride on the people with power in this town is unbelievable! Lushion and Kelly had a conversation where he dug deeper about Travis’ intentions, and she revealed that Travis maxed out her credit cards and drained her bank account. MAJOR PLOT TWIST, looks like Ian might be the guy to help Kelly get out of this pickle.

Jeez, does Randal have a tracker on Alex and Brad? This guy is nuts. Brad stopped by Alex’s house in the middle of the night where the two decided to get hot and heavy in the vehicle, while Randal recorded them. It was funny to see them push Randal’s buttons by kissing right in front of him, and decided to really push Randal’s buttons by sending that video of him and Marcie getting hot and heavy in the shed.

Alex and Brad decided to enter the home and consummate their relationship on the steps. However, it was the final moments of the episode that were a shocker. Why? Natalie was floored to hear Justice confess to murdering Ramsey. Ok, now that threw me for a loop, and I’m left questioning if the kid truly did it or rather Travis is coercing the kid into his sick game. Ok, I gotta admit, I’m not intrigued as to where season four is headed. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ “If Loving You is Wrong” love-birds!