HOLLYWOOD—When we last ended Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong,” Kelly and the cops were seen canvasing her home, but forced out, by some apparent odor. This week’s episode, ‘The Party Just Arrived,’ finally revealed the whereabouts of Kelly’s son!  Alex was alerted by her son of the hefty police presence outside, which rattled her. Alex tried to collect her emotions, as it became apparent she had to remain strong for her children fearing the worse.

She alerted the cops, Kelly and Esperanza that Justice has been at her house. Kelly warned her son to stay away from her former lover at all costs. I swear to God, the cops of the Maxine Police Department have to be the dumbest in the world, as Kelly planned to press charges against Travis to protect herself and her son. It was apparent Alex’s information about Travis only hurt Kelly’s allegations about her former lover.

Ben was confronted by Steven about poking around in the Captain’s office, which not only left Ben worried, but Eddie as well. Steven is quite good; he alerted the rookie that he has him on camera poking around inside the Captain’s office and on his computer. Ben, you’re caught red-handed buddy, which prompted Ben to finally confess.

He informed Steven that he was poking around because of Eddie, and that the two are close allies. It was a game of cat-and-mouse, as Ben spilled that he was digging because Eddie suspected that Claudia was FBI and that he wanted her to be found. Hmm, dying to see how Eddie plans to spin this one around. Eddie decided to spill some beans about Julius, indicating that Quan, Quan’s mother and Claudia were to be taken out by Eddie. Stupid move Eddie, because Steven is determined to nail Julius to bring down the drug cartel.

Miss Diane received a call from Tyrell who asked his mother to back-off Kelly, which only angered this woman more. Tyrell went to bat for his baby mother, but it doesn’t appear Diane is willing to allow Kelly to walk away unscathed. Here we go again; Randal is up to no good and looking to stir a bit of trouble. The fact that this woman, who has more street smarts than anyone else, fell for this idiots claims was troubling beyond belief. Natalie seemed to dismiss the claims, but the more Randal chatted, the more Natalie laughed, but it was apparent his accusations got underneath her skin.

Another confrontation people, this time Natalie accusing Alex hooking up with her fiancé. Per usual, Natalie flipped out on Lushion about the possibility of him cheating on her. He was insulted by her accusations, simply because he was planning a surprise for his bride to be that he didn’t want ruined. Alex told the truth, about her dirty little lie that has spread out of control.

The fact that Tyler Perry would indulge in this insipid and stupid storyline is a slap in the face to viewers. The viewers are not this stupid, and Mr. Perry shouldn’t even expect us to fall for this crap. Yeah, Natalie you look like a fool for those stupid accusations you made against your husband to be. Lushion received a call from Pete who alerts his co-worker that Joey got arrested for violating his probation.

Yup, just when he’s supposed to be celebrating a happy moment with Natalie, everything spins out of control. Natalie was literally on cloud nine, so when Lushion dropped the bomb about Joey it shattered her happy moment. At the police station, Kelly had a confrontation with Miss Diane about Tyrell’s potential release from prison, and for once Kelly stood her ground, but I’m certain there will be repercussions.

The final moments of the episode were super tense; as Randal decided to have a conversation with Brad about all the chaos he has caused him in his marriage and life. What, Randal has a bit of a conscience, just as Brad patiently counted to 10 before getting ready to snap. Unfortunately, things came to a climatic showdown with the arrival of Eddie. Ugh, just when things are about to get good the episode ends. Until next Tuesday “If Loving You is Wrong” love birds!